Murderers' Row

Murderers' Row

Donald Hamilton / Mar 30, 2020

Murderers Row Name Matthew HelmCode Name EricMission Murderers RowRemarks The department is gravely concerned about Helm He is on a brutal mission it is true but his own callousness seems to have reached a point

  • Title: Murderers' Row
  • Author: Donald Hamilton
  • ISBN: 9780449132746
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Name Matthew HelmCode Name EricMission 5 Murderers RowRemarks The department is gravely concerned about Helm He is on a brutal mission, it is true but his own callousness seems to have reached a point of absolute savagery He has apparently murdered one of our own agents Helm is on or near Chesapeake Bay He is armed dangerous, and must be located , keptName Matthew HelmCode Name EricMission 5 Murderers RowRemarks The department is gravely concerned about Helm He is on a brutal mission, it is true but his own callousness seems to have reached a point of absolute savagery He has apparently murdered one of our own agents Helm is on or near Chesapeake Bay He is armed dangerous, and must be located , kept under surveillance, and possibly removed from active service.

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        Donald Hamilton was a U.S writer of novels, short stories, and non fiction about the outdoors His novels consist mostly of paperback originals, principally spy fiction but also crime fiction and Westerns such as The Big Country He is best known for his long running Matt Helm series 1960 1993 , which chronicles the adventures of an undercover counter agent assassin working for a secret American government agency.Hamilton began his writing career in 1946, fiction magazines like Collier s Weekly and The Saturday Evening Post His first novel Date With Darkness was published in 1947 over the next forty six years he published a total of thirty eight novels Most of his early novels whether suspense, spy, and western published between 1954 and 1960, were typical paperback originals of the era fast moving tales in paperbacks with lurid covers Several classic western movies, The Big Country and The Violent Men, were adapted from two of his western novels The Matt Helm series, published by Gold Medal Books, which began with Death of a Citizen in 1960 and ran for 27 books, ending in 1993 with The Damagers, was substantial.Helm, a wartime agent in a secret agency that specialized in the assassination of Nazis, is drawn back into a post war world of espionage and assassination after fifteen years as a civilian He narrates his adventures in a brisk, matter of fact tone with an occasional undertone of deadpan humor He describes gunfights, knife fights, torture, and off stage sexual conquests with a carefully maintained professional detachment, like a pathologist dictating an autopsy report or a police officer describing an investigation Over the course of the series, this detachment comes to define Helm s character He is a professional doing a job the job is killing people Hamilton was a skilled outdoorsman and hunter who wrote non fiction articles for outdoor magazines and published a book length collection of them For several years he lived on his own yacht, then relocated to Sweden where he resided until his death in 2006.


    1. In significant ways, I considered this book a cut above the Helm novels I've read before. (The previous one I'd read --and the only one since I was a kid-- was the series opener, Death of a Citizen; I read this one out of order because I doubted that Helm's character developed enough in the course of the series to make a difference, but that view may have been too prejudiced.)Helm, of course, works for a super-secret U.S. spy agency (the title comes from the not inapt in-house nickname for its W [...]

    2. Okay, some popcorn reading here. My first exposure to Matt Helm were those corny Dean Martin movies, unfortunately. I'd see the paperbacks around, but couldn't bring myself to reading one, thinking of those goofy movies. Then, while stationed on a remote tour in Alaska, in the barracks among the Mack Bolan, Rat Bastards, Nick Carter books left by others on base, I ended up reading The Vanishers and really enjoyed it. Since then I've enjoyed the random dip back into Helm's world, knowing I'm in f [...]

    3. I didn't notice any OCR like the last book, so that was a big plus. I hope all the rest of the Helm fans are buying these, too. Not only are your old paperbacks wearing out, but by keeping this run going, we're closing in on FINALLY getting to read the last, previously unpublished book.I remembered the story very well, of course. I've probably read it a dozen times. Still an excellent one.One of the coolest things about Hamilton's writing is that he doesn't mind making his tough operative human [...]

    4. Good on Titan Books for reissuing this entire series of books, but the team left in charge of their design need to be fired and never allowed anywhere near graphic design packages ever again. THESE BOOKS ARE FUGLY! And really cheap knockoff's of Lee Child books to boot.I've said it before but Matt Helm is what Jack Reacher wants to be when he grows up, Donald Hamilton has given us a combination of Parker and Bond in 27 neat and often formulaic packages, tight little reads filled with outdated at [...]

    5. Well we finally got here. Matt's "agency" has decided that maybe he's a bit over stressed. Maybe killing is getting a little too easy. Maybe he's killed so often that life has becomeexpendable.The term PTSD wasn't around yet but it seems that maybe Matt has killed someone "by accident" he was just supposed to rough up and then he shot someone that maybe he could have just disarmed. The powers that be are thinking maybe he should havea rest.However, Matt disagreeshemently.Of course if he didn't w [...]

    6. Not every book fares as well when read aloud. Like OSC's books, Hamilton's writing is clear, concise & does very well in this medium. Rudnicki did a great job getting the intonations correct. It made the brutality of the assignment very clear & makes the moral ambiguity that much worse. The degradation of playing some roles is awful, perhaps worse than murder.For more details of the story, see my review of the paperback here:/review/show

    7. A brutal assignment, giving a realistic beating to a female agent so that she can infiltrate a spy ring, starts this novel. No gory details about the beating, just a description of the sacrifice both agents are making in the name of serving their country. The lengths they will go to are shocking, but very realistic. Accidents happen & Helm's mental health is called into question. Is he getting a superman complex? Does he value human life any more? Helm winds up stalking the enemy spy ring in [...]

    8. A fun, quick read - pure entertainment, but not junk. The dialogue is clever and funny, the character is an amusing asshole, everybody else is a bit despicable, and the pace is a perfectly planned breakneck hurtle. I'll be on the lookout for more Matt Helm.

    9. MURDERERS' ROW is a treat for Matt Helm fans.(view spoiler)[Matt is called away from a promised vacation to take on a job so nasty that no other operative will touch it. First, he has to beat up a fellow female operative so badly that the opposition will buy her phony defection. Matt isn't half-way through the physician-approved "beat-up" program when the woman dies in his arms. (Donald Hamilton does a cute Edgar Allen Poe riff, with her pearls rolling off and skittering around after she is dead [...]

    10. Hamilton writes as the anti-Fleming; there are no exotic locations here, no over-the-top villains, and no derring-do. Matt Helm is more self aware than Bond and experiences doubts and admits mistakes (all the more so because this is told in first person).Tightly plotted and well done, although the justification for the antagonist's actions (especially "why this person?") didn't make much sense.

    11. As good as Ian Fleming. Also reminds me of the Richard Stark books a little. No high tech just good old fashioned betrayal and violence.

    12. Love the MATT HELM series. Yes, it's dated, but still a blast. Each is well written, and thoroughly enjoyable. Great beach reads if you can find copies!

    13. I started reading the Matt Helm books way back in 1968 when stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas. Read through the whole series a couple of times since then. On my way through them for the third time.

    14. “Murderer’s Row” is the fifth book in the Matt Helm espionage series by Donald Hamilton. The title refers to the building in which Helm’s unnamed organization is allegedly based, a building which plays no role in the story. This story, typical of the Helm series, does not feature fancy gadgets, supersonic cars, or laser emitting satellites. Rather, it is a far more realistic, gritty, down-to-earth series than the British spy series which was popular at the time that this was originally r [...]

    15. "Συμπλοκή δολοφόνων", εκδόσεις ΒΙΠΕΡ.Χρονολογικά η πέμπτη ιστορία με πρωταγωνιστή και αφηγητή τον μυστικό πράκτορα Ματ Χελμ, έκτη που διαβάζω εγώ. Γι'ακόμη μια φορά ο Χελμ μπλέκεται σε μια περίεργη και επικίνδυνη ιστορία, αλλά αυτό είναι το επάγγελμά του και έτσι δεν πρέπει [...]

    16. Vintage Matt Helm: Doing the dirty work other pop culture secret agents wouldn__t do. And there__s at least one situation__not a cliffhanger, but a plot twist__that I wasn__t sure how he was going to handle. Yes, I think I prefer Helm when he__s not in his own backyard. There was one incident that a good editor should have caught and had Hamilton rewrite (Helm can hear a man light a cigarette below decks, through a door, in the middle of a storm, which is hard enough to believe, while that same [...]

    17. The 5th in the sexist super secret agent series featuring Matt Helm is as sexist and violent as the preceding entries. Bear in mind this is very 'manly' action lit from the early 60s and the politically incorrect nature of the character and views wherein have to be taken in consideration to the times be that as it may this is a tight, taunt Helm excursion that has a nautical twist of knotty situations involving a kidnapped scientist, his precocious daughter, and a very nasty socialite and her [...]

    18. This is the best of the Matt Helm novels. Most of these novels read alike, but they are fun.This book is very much a product of James Bond-era literature.

    19. Matt Helm made this book good to me, the rest of the book isnt as strong. Its almost too generic pulp,not very subtle.Its not the first book in the series so i cant judge the series really.

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