Double Take! a New Look at Opposites

Double Take! a New Look at Opposites

Susan Hood Jay Fleck / Jul 10, 2020

Double Take a New Look at Opposites When it comes to opposites it s all a matter of perspective Lively text and fun retro art engage kids in the finer points of a favorite concept Do you know opposites yes or no On Off Asleep Awake Op

  • Title: Double Take! a New Look at Opposites
  • Author: Susan Hood Jay Fleck
  • ISBN: 9780763672911
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When it comes to opposites, it s all a matter of perspective Lively text and fun retro art engage kids in the finer points of a favorite concept Do you know opposites, yes or no On Off Asleep Awake Opposites are a piece of cake right Not so fast Time for a quick double take Who knows what s BIG unless there is SMALL Does SHORT mean a thing except next to TWhen it comes to opposites, it s all a matter of perspective Lively text and fun retro art engage kids in the finer points of a favorite concept Do you know opposites, yes or no On Off Asleep Awake Opposites are a piece of cake right Not so fast Time for a quick double take Who knows what s BIG unless there is SMALL Does SHORT mean a thing except next to TALL What is ABOVE and what is BELOW The answer depends on who wants to know Writer Susan Hood and illustrator Jay Fleck lead us on a topsy turvy fun house journey into the concept of opposites and takes it to the next level with detours into relative terms and points of view and a dollop of yin and yang for good measure.

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        I spent years getting to know little kids as a children s book and magazine editor at Sesame Workshop, Nick Jr and Now I write children s picture books full time Best job ever Recent books include ADA S VIOLIN The Story of the Recycled Orchestra of ParaguayIllustrated by Sally Wern ComportSimon and SchusterDOUBLE TAKE A New Look at OppositesIllustrated by Jay FleckCandlewickComing in 2018 SHAKING THINGS UP 14 Young Women Who Changed the WorldIllustrated by 13 Extraordinary Women ArtistsHarperCollinsLIFEBOAT 12My first middle grade novelSimon and Schuster


    1. Educational and entertaining books are always winners - well, that is if they capture the attention of the child, engage their minds, and provide illustrations and text that prove accurate and enduring. There is a plethora of "counting" books and a goodly number of books that teach shapes and, yes, opposites. The author, Susan Hood, has presented a new perspective on opposites. Perspective is what it is all about in most everything in life whether you view the trees from the mountain top, or fro [...]

    2. The pictures are really cute, and I would like it for the cat and elephant anyway. Beyond that it starts with some pretty clear examples of opposites and then gets into some more complicated ways of looking at it that I think can grow on the young reader, increasing their understanding. Also, the rhyme scheme is really solid, which is often not the case.

    3. A celebration of opposites in retro art, this book follows a blue elephant, black cat and young boy as they explore this concept around their town. Strong red endpapers are reflected in red touches throughout the book. The dedication page is a lovely map showing all the places that the journey will take the reader. This map includes a classic red barn, fountain, zoo, ferris wheel and whale in the ocean. Quirky little characters lend an endearing nature to the story, such as a mouse, dogs, a tort [...]

    4. Fine, but I'm sure there's a Little Golden Book that has done it better. Just too simple, and the rhyme is fine but still feels wrong, like a distraction.

    5. Hood, Susan Double Take! A New Look at Opposites, PICTURE BOOK. Candlewick, 2017. $17. A rhyming book about opposites that asks the reader to consider some of those words in new situations –like ahead and behind –changes depending where you are standing in line. Another example is above and below. Harmonious illustrations of a boy and an elephant help readers to see some of the opposite situations. This is a fantastic book for teachers to use with a lesson on opposites. It is not just hot/co [...]

    6. While initially people would think of this book as being more basic for word work in primary grades, I love that this is actually a great book for the older grades for more advanced word work. Not only does it reacquaint them with opposites, but it looks at perspectives. How when you look at something differently, it can change how you see it. That's done through both words and illustrations. So I can see this book being great to talk about perspectives and then leading into word work and differ [...]

    7. A fresh take on the classic opposites book. The charmingly retro illustrations, with soft lines and a refined color palette, feature a small boy, a black cat, and a blue elephant as the primary characters. Clever set-ups that accompany each pair of opposites add to readers’ understanding, particularly as the book progresses. The story begins with concrete opposite pairs – asleep and awake, in and out, yes and no, left and right – and transitions into more interesting pairs of opposites tha [...]

    8. A survey of opposites and introduction to how relative position or a new perspective can make those change.Yes and no, day and night are easy to proclaim as opposites. But what is near and far? Is it the chair at the other end of the room or the country on the other side of the globe or the planet way out in space? This does a good job of introducing comparisons that rely on position or perspective and can change as your view changes. That's a difficult concept for many intro to physics students [...]

    9. There are a plethora of books out there about teaching children the concept of opposites but this intriguing title promises us “A New Look at Opposites”. As well as exploring opposites - in, out, asleep, awake, “opposites are a piece of cake” but the notion of perspective is much more complex. We only know what big is when it can be compared to small, near can be far when the objects are moving. With bright colourful vintage style illustrations this little boy and his elephant helper loo [...]

    10. What are opposites but the comparison of two things. If those two things are considered by others, those opposites may change to something quite different. Opposites are all relative to those looking at them. This is an interesting new look at opposites that may have young ones looking for a new perspective on the world and the things in it. Good for preschool or older kid storytimes.

    11. The illustrations really make this one work. The text, which tries very hard to maintain rhyme and rhythm, sometimes gets a bit tricky for a toddler to follow. It is a great idea to introduce concepts like opposites to children early, and this book takes it a step further by introducing relative measurement and perspective.

    12. What a fun way to introduce the idea of opposites! From the beginning it will be clear to kids what the idea is; they may even recognize a few opposites they didn't know were opposites. I enjoyed the illustrations as well. The end got a littlenvoluted and I wished the simpleness had continued instead.

    13. This rhyming concept picture book takes a look at opposites, but goes more specifically into comparison. This might be a good read aloud to share if you're trying to teach these concepts. The rhyming feels a little bit awkward in places, but it's still worth having on the shelf of your classroom library.

    14. A clever way of approaching the topic of opposites. As other reviewers have mentioned, rhyme not entirely perfect for read-aloud. Thought the sentence "Now just when you think you've mastered that notion, watch relative words set matters in motion" was way over the heads of the intended audience; also that "does near become far when far flies in nearer?" was confusing. Nice, rather old-fashioned illustrations.

    15. A new look at opposites, showing that while some opposites are clear, others aren't so much: near is the opposite of far, but how far away is that when the far comes nearer? Sometimes the opposite changes depending on your POV: if someone is in front in a line, they might also be behind someone else. This should lead to some good adult/child discussions, which is always a plus!

    16. Beautiful and Inventive. I love the perspective and language (along with the absolutely stunning illustrations) in this book. Children will be able to practice recognizing opposites within the pages as well as in the real world. Outstanding work!

    17. This is a simple rhyming story about opposites; however, it gives more details about some of the opposites depending on perspective. For example, big may be big to some, but may be small for others depending on their size. I like that it added the differences that opposites may have.

    18. Not only can beginners learn about easy opposites from this book like 'up' and 'down', but older readers can work on vocabulary challenges of how opposites work when one considers perspective. The illustrations are cute and simple, and might be considered only for younger children.

    19. I liked this lovely book on opposities. It has pretty, old-fashioned illustrations of opposites and relative terms and points of view. Really interesting and would be a fun read with kids and promote conversation.

    20. Would not be my first choice for teaching opposites. This is really a book about perspective. The spread about seeing the butterfly both closely and from far away is a departure. The rhyming is clunky and unnecessary. Who is the audience here?

    21. A rhythmic exploration of opposites and perspective. Many standard sets of opposites are included, but what sets this book apart from others on the shelf is its focus on considering the perspective of the person viewing the pairs of opposites. Digital artwork. Highly recommended for PreK-2.

    22. A stunning book that starts off with simple opposites -- Yes/No, Stop/Go, Left/Right -- in a charming rhyme and slowly transitions to a heady philosophical musing about how things cannot exist without their opposites and how certain concepts change based on your perspective. Deep and delightful.

    23. A boy, a black cat, and a blue elephant have fun exploring opposites, relative terms, and points of view. The digital illustrations have a retro look and appeal. Perfect for young readers ages 4 - 7.

    24. Love the illustrations, and I really liked that it talks about perspective changing how we view something. This book would definitely work best with an older group--it would be great for a preschool storytime on opposites.

    25. Very cute illustrations. Introduces opposites while also pointed out they’re not as black and white as you think!

    26. Rhyming and opposites together - a great book for teaching children about opposites and also putting those concepts into perspective.

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