Dirty Talk

Dirty Talk

Megan Erickson / Nov 29, 2020

Dirty Talk When the one you shouldn t want is the one you can t resist Brent Payton works hard plays hard and has earned his ladies man reputation But he s than just a good time even though no one seems to se

  • Title: Dirty Talk
  • Author: Megan Erickson
  • ISBN: 9780062407757
  • Page: 401
  • Format: ebook
  • When the one you shouldn t want is the one you can t resist Brent Payton works hard, plays hard, and has earned his ladies man reputation But he s than just a good time, even though no one seems to see it Until a gorgeous brunette with knockout curves and big, thoughtful eyes walks into his family s garage and makes Brent want .Ivy Dawn and her sister are doWhen the one you shouldn t want is the one you can t resist Brent Payton works hard, plays hard, and has earned his ladies man reputation But he s than just a good time, even though no one seems to see it Until a gorgeous brunette with knockout curves and big, thoughtful eyes walks into his family s garage and makes Brent want .Ivy Dawn and her sister are done with men, all of them They ve uprooted their lives too many times on account of the opposite sex, but that s over now The plan seems easy until a sexy, dirty taking mechanic bursts in Ivy s life and shakes everything up.Brent can t resist the one person who sees past his devil may care fa ade, and Ivy finds it harder and harder to deny how happy he makes her But she has secrets of her own and when the truth comes out, she must decide if she ll run again or if she ll take a chance on forever.

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    1. 4 Stars!!“Dirty Talk” is the second installment in Megan Erickson’s contemporary adult romance series entitled “Mechanics of Love” and fallows the second eldest brothers of Payton’s family, Brent. There’s no secret I enjoy Megan’s writing and her sweet and sexy romance novels m/f or m/m. This second installment didn’t disappoint at all. It was exactly what I expected to be and much more. Needless to say it was romantic, it was sexy and put a big smile on my face. Brent Payton w [...]

    2. ”No more men.”Megan Erickson delivered a sweet, sexy, and endearing book boyfriend in Brent Payton. I actually liked this second book in the series much more than the first book. All the credit goes to Brent, Honey Bear, his neighbor (wished he was getting next book) Ivy and sweet little Violet.Brent works at the family’s shop and has never been taken seriously by anyone. Ivy waltzes into the shop to meet up with her sister Alex, the new female mechanic and Brent gets shot down at first. S [...]

    3. 3.5 stars!Dirty Talk is the second book off of Megan Erickson's Mechanics of Love series. Brent Payton is the "fun & easy" Payton brother. For years Brent struggled with how he was perceived by other people and even by his own family. They see him as someone who's easy and doesn't really have anything deep to offer. For years, Brent had been content with the label until he met Ivy Dawn, the younger sister of their newly hired mechanic. Brent wants to prove to Ivy that there's more to him tha [...]

    4. At this point it’s really no surprise that I’ve fallen in love with yet another Megan Erickson book. This woman can write romances that are fun and dirty, romances that are emotional and intense, and romances that are lighthearted and sexy, but all of them make this romantic’s heart satisfied. Dirty Talk, the second in her Mechanics of Love series, is no different, though there is one quibble I’ll address later. 99% of this book is absolute perfection, and I couldn’t have asked for bet [...]

    5. ***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog***Dirty Talk by Megan EricksonBook Two of the Mechanics of Love seriesPublisher: Avon ImpulsePublication Date: September 15, 2015Rating: 3 starsSource: eARC from Edelweiss***Warning: this is an adult book, and for the eyes of mature readers***Official Summary:Brent Payton has a reputation for wanting to have fun, all the time. It’s well-earned after years of ribbing his brothers and flirting with every girl he meets, but he’s more than just a good [...]

    6. 4.5/5If there's one author whose works I just can't get enough of, that would be Megan Erickson. Every book of hers I read, leaves me hoping that her books never end. Getting lost within the pages of a romance novel by her is like breathing for me at this point. Dirty Talk had some pretty big shoes to fill after I fell in love with the previous book, Dirty Thoughts, but I had nothing to worry about because Dirty Talk was just as romantic, swoony and enjoyable as the previous book.If there's one [...]

    7. I love Brent. And I love Ivy. And if you like your heroes with charm and humor and a little bit of a savior complex, who are willing to do whatever they can for their women, then I think this is your book.Oh and there's a dog named Honeybear, because why not?If you want to be notified when this book releases and get up-to-date news on all of my books, you can sign up for my newsletter here. You'll also have the chance to enter exclusive giveaways for my books and others. Thanks!

    8. Give me some Dirty Talk, baby! I was so freaking eager to read this book after meeting Brent in Dirty Thoughts. I’m a total sucker for a great sense of humor, and Brent has a whole lot of it. I'm thrilled to say Dirty Talk was a fun, quick read that hit all the right feels.Ah, Mr. Brent Payton is quite a jokester and one of those completely lovable asshole types that’s always messing around with people. Honestly, I was a little worried he’d lose some of that in his own book and become too [...]

    9. It really should come as no surprise that I loved this book, this hero, this story. I swear, it's like Megan Erickson has access to my brain and knows exactly what to write, and exactly when I need to read itBrent Payton is a sweet-and-dirty talking mechanic; one that has NO trouble with the ladies until Ivy Dawn sways her way into his automotive repair shop. Ivy's been through a lot in her life, and along with her sister, Alex, she's sworn off men—forever. Only, Brent is a surprise she never [...]

    10. Book two in Megan Erickson’s Mechanics of Love series, focuses on the cocky, fun brother Brent, and a new girl in town named Ivy. Ivy, her young daughter and her sister Alex have all just moved to Maryland and they really want to establish some roots. Alex is the tough sister, the one Ivy turned to after her daughter’s father wanted nothing to with their new baby. Meanwhile, Alex fell in love, but her boyfriend turned into a monster. He started emotionally abusing her, scaring Ivy and her da [...]

    11. I would classify this book as cute. Will I ever read it again, doubtful but it kept me engaged in the time I spent reading it. Ivy and her sister are new to town and have sworn off men because their choice sucks. Ivy also has beautiful six-year old daughter. Brent works with her sister and is a known playboy, known for his carefree ways. But they somehow click, and well the book was sweet and nice and so was their relationship.

    12. 4,5*Brent ist so ein toller Typ, den sich wohl so manche Frau an ihre Seite wünschen würde 😉😂

    13. My Thoughts:Megan Erickson brings us gold again! I absolutely adore the Mechanics of Love Series. Dare I say that this series is my favorite of hers. The Payton Brothers have gotten under my skin. Sawoooon!!! I am in love! In Dirty Thoughts, we got Cal, the serious and stoic brother, and Jenna his first love's story. Now, in Dirty Talk, we get Brent Payton, the flirty, never serious, always joking and having a good time, middle brother's story. His love interest is the sweet, beautiful, and sing [...]

    14. Well. This book officially cements Brent as being my favorite Payton boy. Love love loved Brent. He's sweet and adorable and so much fun. I adore how he treated Ivy and especially her daughter Violet. I could swoon for days from those scenes. Ivy and Alex were both really interesting. They had some hard times and their actions make sense. As always, it's awesome to see the other couples in the story. And there was once scene with Jack that I reread about 3 times before I could continue. Of cours [...]

    15. #FuckingFeels !!!This story was completely unexpected. Those of you that have read the first in this series, Dirty Thoughts, will understand better when I say . "whaaaaaaaaat is happening?? lol Brent's story was supposed to be fun and lighthearted. He's the jokester brother!!!!"This story is WAY more than a romance story. It's a story of friendship and family and trust and love #FuckingFeels!Just read this. #TRUST

    16. 4 out of 5 stars!I'm now 4 for 4 for Megan Erickson books! I really loved Dirty Thoughts (as well as her Brazen series) and I already wanted Brent's story even before I finished the book. I was already warned that there would be a kid involved in this book, but I wasn't worried about it with this author. Brent is the goofball of his family. He's a damn good mechanic and a really great person and even better brother, but he's used to people around him not taking him too seriously. And for the mos [...]

    17. What a cute book this turned out to be. I have only read one book in the Bowler University series but I know who Max Payton is. I adored Max in the book that I read and was looking forward to reading his book and then I didn’t read it. I’m a winner, right? Anyway, when I heard that this series was going to feature Max’s brothers – I was in.Dirty Talk follows Brent Payton, the fun-loving playboy brother and Ivy Dawn as they fall in love with each other. Ivy’s sister Alex works with Bren [...]

    18. Well, Megan Erickson did it again she just made me fall in love with her characters, this time with Brent Peyton, the middle Peyton brother, the jokester who doesn't take things seriously. But truly, Brent has layers, man, there's more than meets the eye with this guy and I LOVED him immensely. I thought Brent was amazing; despite what he thinks of himself, Brent is actually the solid one among the Peytons. His steadiness and his take towards life makes it possible for Cal (the older brother) a [...]

    19. Prepare yourselves ladies your ovaries may just explode with Brent, the perfect balance of sweet and sexy all wrapped up in a Captain America package ;) First impressions couldn't be more deceiving, stereotyping Brent as the quintessential player who doesn't take anything seriously. It is quickly apparent Brent tends to play the role that has been assigned to him, complete with middle child syndrome, he is in essence a self-fulfilling prophecy. However, there is so much more below the surface, s [...]

    20. Dirty Talk is the second book in the Mechanics of Love series and follows the story of Ivy and Brent. Ivy and her sister Alex, are through with men. Men have caused them too many problems and they’ve had to start over too many times because of them. This move to Tory was supposed to be a new start for both of them. And while swearing off men sounded like a good idea, this plan goes up in flames when Brent comes into the picture. Brent is a wonderful guy. He’s sexy, funny, hardworking and all [...]

    21. Are you a fan of contemporary romance? Is Megan Erickson on your radar? She should be. I'm finding that I'm become a bigger fan with each and every book that I read of hers. This series revolves around a small town and a certain auto shop. The shop is run by The Payton's and let's just say I wish these guys were the local mechanics in my neighborhood.While I enjoyed all three of these stories, the final book, Dirty Deeds, has to be my favorite. Erickson's story-telling and writing has only gotte [...]

    22. Megan Erickson's magic appears again. What I love most about her books is the characters she presents to us- they're always fun to read about and have these crazy, fun personalities I wish I was friends with them. Brent and Ivy were no different! They took my heart and I never got it back since the very first page. *****Find my review here too: hopelessbooklovers/relMegan Erickson’s magic appears again. What I love the most about her books is the characters she presents to us- they’re always [...]

    23. <3 <3 <3 Brent and Ivy were an adorable couple whose insecurities and issues only made for a sweeter romance. Violet was the belle of the ball and even Jack managed to surprise me a little. I wholeheartedly recommend Megan Erickson's Mechanics In Love series to all readers who love laughter and spice with their romance.

    24. Jeder hält den heißen und stets gut gelaunten Automechaniker Brent Payton für einen Aufreißer, der sowohl seine Familie, die Frauen und seinen Job liebt. Doch hinter dieser Fassade verbirgt sich ein fürsorglicher Mann mit einem großen Traum. Als er Ivy, die Schwester seiner Kollegin begegnet, werden die tief in ihm verborgenen Sehnsüchte wieder wach. Sie ist alles was er will. Doch zu groß ist Ivys Angst sich auf Brent einzulassen und damit Fehler die Fehler der Vergangenheit zu wiederho [...]

    25. Originally posted on Daydreaming Books.**I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via Edelweiss as a part of this book tour in exchange for an honest review.**I really enjoyed reading Dirty Talk, it was a really nice book with a good plot and awsome characters. The romance was sizzling hot and there was never a dull moment, this book was throughly entertaining. I really wanted to read the first book in this series and when I got a chance to read an ARC of the 2nd book, I snatched the o [...]

    26. Brent Payton is at a crossroads in his life.Being the middle brother in the Payton brothers, Brent feels his place is the jokester of the family. Whereas Cal, the oldest, is considered the responsible brother, and Max, the youngest, is the first to become a college graduate, Brent is the middle brother, the jokester, the irresponsible, cocky womanizer. But Brent is twenty-eight now, and he did have other plans for his life than being the bad boy jokester, he just decides it’s easier to go alon [...]

    27. I really enjoyed this book and I loved Brent. He's the fun, charming brother with a reputation for not taking much seriously and he's okay with that for the most part until Ivy comes along. Brent wants Ivy to take him seriously but she's got a lot on her plate and some serious baggage with men. I liked Brent and Ivy's relationship but I adored Brent's relationship with Ivy's daughter and his wheelchair bound neighbor. This book was a little slower to get started for me then the first one was. Me [...]

    28. I loved Brent. I love guys who are ready for "the one" and tend get hurt because he feels she's not as serious as he is.I love a hot guy who talks dirty! I think he was just perfect. Super surprised with this one. I read this one first and then decided to read the first in the series. Cal was no where as interesting as Brent.

    29. Fast, fun and deliciously sexy, Brent is my new favorite Peyton brother! Megan Erickson never fails to make me swoon, her Mechanics of Love series perfect for anyone who likes good guys with rough edges who can make them laugh. Read it.

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