Broken Juliet

Broken Juliet

Leisa Rayven / Nov 26, 2020

Broken Juliet Some loves never let you go Cassie swore she d never forgive Ethan for breaking her heart when they were in acting school years ago He was her one great love and when he refused to love her back a p

  • Title: Broken Juliet
  • Author: Leisa Rayven
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Some loves never let you go Cassie swore she d never forgive Ethan for breaking her heart when they were in acting school years ago He was her one great love, and when he refused to love her back, a part of her died forever or so she thought Now she and Ethan are sharing a Broadway stage, and he s determined to win her back Finally he s able to say all the things she neSome loves never let you go Cassie swore she d never forgive Ethan for breaking her heart when they were in acting school years ago He was her one great love, and when he refused to love her back, a part of her died forever or so she thought Now she and Ethan are sharing a Broadway stage, and he s determined to win her back Finally he s able to say all the things she needed to hear years ago but can she believe him Has he really changed, and what makes this time different from all his other broken promises The answer lies somewhere in the past, and now the truth will come to light Will Cassie rediscover what it s like to be trusting and open again the way she was before Ethan Or is it too late for these star crossed lovers

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    1. SQUEE!!!! This was the perfect conclusion to the story that began in Bad Romeo, which is one of my top favorites. I totally devoured this book in one sitting and LOVE LOVE LOVED it!!! Just pure awesome! If you're a fan of intensely passionate love stories -- I'm talking the kind of love that doesn't let go even after years apart and the deepest hurt, where you just know in your heart that these two people are meant for each other, then you have to read this series!! Plus Ethan Holt is this delic [...]

    2. Every once in a while I crave an angsty, emotionally charged read. I knew that reconnecting with Cassie and Ethan, after the way things were left between the two, would definitely pull at my heartstrings. Without a doubt, this book delivered on all of those points.Cassie and Ethan are all grown up now, but still being held back by their pasts. Neither one of them ever recovered fully from their devastating break-up. They haven't really moved on or moved past their high school romance.When Ethan [...]

    3. 5 stars!!!This series has been a huge win for me… HUGE! I know it’s one that has mixed reviews and ratings. I have friends that don’t love it and other friends that adore it and I’m so happy I fell in the later category. Ethan Holt… I thought he was amazing in Bad Romeo, but I really hadn’t seen anything yet. Full of love, second chances, intensity, angst and passion… It was perfection for this reader! One reason I love this series so much is that above all the angst and stress, it [...]

    4. 4 Broken Stars.In this second book, Ethan opened up and face the consequences of his previous actions. He’s decided to do whatever it takes, as long as Cassie forgives him and takes him back.Cassie has her heart broken, not one, but twice by Ethan. Now he’s asking for one final chance and he’s relentless in having it. Will Cassie finally put her fears aside and forgive him? Let me be very honest: The ONLY reason I’m giving this book four stars it’s because of the end. I simply loved th [...]

    5. "Despite all the things I would have changed about our journey, I’d never want a different destination. It’s always been you." My love for this book cannot be described in words! Broken Juliet is an excellent continuation of Bad Romeo and a perfect conclusion for Ethan and Cassie's love story.After their devastating relationship mistakes in the past, Cassie makes the greatest decision of a lifetime-- to either accept Ethan back or deny their chance of forever.I just can't get enough of this [...]

    6. 3.75-4 Stars Ethan. Cassie. You two really tested my patience.The first 30% of this book was frustrating as hell. Back and forth. I felt like I was stuck in the spin cycle. Everything started to feel little redundant, it was like reading the same thing over and over. But, it did get better. The past and present are blended together in a way to fully tell their story, and for the most part it's done perfectly. Broken Juliet picks up where Bad Romeo left off. Ethan trying to convince Cassie he's c [...]

    7. 3.75 ~ 4 Stars”This man represents so many things to me. He was my first true friend. My first love. First lover. The master of more pleasure than I knew existed, and the architect of more heartache than I thought I could endure.”Bad Juliet starts off exactly where Bad Romeo left us and I was more than excited to jump in and see if Ethan Holt could win a third chance with Cassie Taylor.”He’s saying everything I needed him to say years ago.””In the past, I thought I could be what you [...]

    8. Broken Juliet begins where Bad Romeo leaves off, which is pretty perfect because I can’t imagine not knowing every moment between Cassie and Ethan. I actually loved Broken Juliet so much more than Bad Romeo and I loved it, too. Ethan has broke Cassie’s heart twice and is back again, wanting another chance. It seems the roles have reversed. Ethan is vulnerable now and willing to do anything to prove he is serious about Cassie. Now Cassie is harder, more suspicious and less trusting. I love th [...]

    9. "You can love something without being passionate about it. Conversely, you can be passionate about things you don't love. It's when the two converge that real magic happens."Ethan Holt used to be a train wreck in drama school. An avalanche that emotionally destroyed Cassie and left her completely heartbroken. Now 3 years later, Ethan is back, claiming he is finally ready for a commitment. But even though connection like Cassie and Ethan have doesn't come along more than a once in a life time, wi [...]

    10. 3.5 Broken stars!It's no secret that I had been less than impressed with Bad Romeo, so I went into this book with a healthy dose of skepticism. Broken Juliet starts off where Bad Romeo left off with Cassie on a cusp of deciding whether to give Ethan another chance or not. This was the third time that she was going to be giving Ethan, so I understood why she was hesitant. Although, it's quite clear that she was still very much in love with Ethan, she also doesn't trust him.Like Bad Romeo, we get [...]

    11. 4.5 stars! Note: This is the follow up book to Bad Romeo.Continuing where the first book left off, we get to see the end of Cassie and Ethan's relationship in the past and the continuation of it in the present. Ethan has sorted through all of his past issues and is hoping Cassie will confront her current ones.I loved that we finally got to see the big reason behind the past breakup and it was easier to understand why Cassie has so many reservations about getting involved with Ethan again. He bas [...]

    12. I was right there with Cassie in taking my time to believe Ethan had changed. Their experiences in the past really shaped who she became. Some of it positive, some of it not. I liked Cassie even when she was not at her best. Ethan does eventually win me over and let me tell you the change in him is staggering. I was impressed by his patience and at that point he really needed it with Cassie: nothing that he didn't bring upon himself by having hurt her and nothing overtly cruel, thank goodness. T [...]

    13. This is the second installment of the series in which I had mixed feeling I wasn’t sure second chances could be given considering the amount of heartache that one has to endure, but I was wrong. As cliche as this might sound, love can forgive all, and conquer all.Bad Romeo ended in cliffhanger, and we got a glimpse of a broken Cassie, left after finally fulfilling her wish of becoming Ethan's lover.As I said before, I consider Ethan one of the most complex and complicated hero that I've read a [...]

    14. Bad Romeo was a 5 star read for me. I loved the dynamic of Ethan and Cassie and was happy to read a second book about this couple. Unfortunately the conclusion of their story did not reach the same level of enjoyment for me and I feel that, for my reading tastes, Bad Romeo with the addition of an epilogue would have worked better as a standalone. The story is once again told in the first person narrative from the sole perspective of the heroine and toggles back and forth between the past and pre [...]

    15. 3.5 You-make-me-feel-Vulnerable stars"Do you think it's possible that soul mates who love each other aren't actually supposed to be together ?"He pauses and then puts the book down."I think a better question would be:do you think its possible ? Well,just as most of you would have guessed Book 2 picks off right where Book one ends.In Bad Romeos just the beginning.We meet the characters,they recite their stories and we as readers get involved in the plot line while trying to unravel their past bef [...]

    16. DNF @30%I just can't. Same as book one so far, past Ethan is constantly pulling away from Cassie whilst she desperately pursues him. Present Cassie pulling away from Ethan who is telling her he loves her and wants her back.Not for me, unfortunatelyC gratefully received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

    17. “Despite all the things I would have changed about our journey, I’d never want a different destination. It’s always been you.” OH.GOD. Ethan Holt. I’m sooo -deeply, irrevocably, madly- in love with you! I loved “Bad Romeo” but this book is even better than the 1st one. It was perfect because Ethan was perfectly imperfect! :)This series became one of my favorites now. You must read them asap! You’re missing too much. Trust me. How can you live your life without you meet Ethan Holt [...]

    18. "You can love somthing without being passionate about it. Conversely, you can be passionate about things you don't love. It's when the two converge that real magic happens."Loved it! Awesome second year as second book. Theses actings oh GOSHHHHH how can Erika do this??????????(view spoiler)[ Pick Ethan and Conner play love scene together 'Enemy Inside', and then Ethan kiss Conner GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I was hyperventilating and applause out loud BRAVO!! after the the scene done. LOL!BUT BUT BUT!!! [...]

    19. I really don't know why but from the beginning i wasn't thrill with this storyBut i have to admit that the second book was much better from the firstAs the pages were passing i start to feel more relaxed, until the moment that Cassie started to irritate me for once again I'm sorry, but i can't find a connection with this woman I know that Ethan hurt her not once but twice and that left her broken but still i'm not fan of herEthan from the other hand??? I loved that guy!!! Yeah he is the asshole, [...]

    20. “Despite all the things I would have changed about our journey, I’d never want a different destination. It’s always been you.”OMG, what an epic romance!!!!The follow on from the incredible Bad Romeo, this book was my most anticipated release for this year. I have been desperate for it ever since Bad Romeo left me hanging with that nasty cliffhanger, and dying for more. But I have also been really nervous about it. It’s not often that the follow up to a book that blew you away meets up [...]

    21. 5 Break me apart and put me back together Stars“Loving you,” he says, “is the stupidest, most selfish thing I’ve ever done, but I can’t stop. God knows, I’ve tried.”-EthanBroken Juliet is the second and final book in the Starcrossed series. This series isn't for everyone. The relationship between Ethan and Cassie is toxic, passionate, happy, sad, broken, and beautiful. The journey is full of regrets, mistakes, and miscommunications. Their story held me captive until the very last p [...]

    22. aylar sonra gelen edit: ilk kitaba gittim 3 verdim asdfasf ama bu 4 kalabilir çünkü daha 'ayh iyi tamam' dedirtti en azından ilkine göre.aylar sonra gelen edit bitti.Nerede bu epilog! hani benim hüznüm, hani benim sevincim!Bunu geçtim, ulan sevgili Rayven, kitabı, son 80 sayfada yaptığın gibi, "romantizm erotizm önce gelir, tüm bunlar olurken sevişirler ve/veya sikişirler" üslunu kullansaydın ya!Kİ ben de sana ve hikayene 5 yıldızı çaksaydım, herkes kazansaydı olmaz mıy [...]

    23. Here is what I think and feel about BAD ROMEO & BROKEN JULIET, the 2 books in Star-crossed seriesWhat I liked about it: 1. There is a bit of everything in it: Love, passion, lust, angst, humor, tragedy, regret, denial, hope, survival etc2. The characters are well-developed.3. Their love feels real, all the feelings pass to the reader like real.4. The writing is good. Chapters of past and present follow one another in a complementary way. While the past gives us insight about how Ethan broke [...]

    24. A heart wrenching, addictive, tumultuous finale that packs all the feels.Leisa Rayven delivers a gut-wrenching finale to this angst-ridden tale of two star-crossed lovers. I had anxiously awaited this book, feeling the vigorous, impassioned push and pull between our two protagonists, Cassie and Ethan. I was addicted. Obsessed. I needed to see how the curtain would fall on their story. Whereas Bad Romeo was all about the angst between them, Broken Juliet was all about the emotions that raged insi [...]

    25. I'm so happy at this moment! I'm terribly and irrevocably romantic at heart and this story touched every little sappy chord i carry. I know many found it slow but i just savored all the built up to such high extend, i ended up delirious. This story has a certain quality in it that frankly i can't really put my finger on. It enthralls me still even if this installment was somewhat more timid than the first one. Maybe it's the writing, maybe it's the plot or the characters, i don't know for sure. [...]

    26. I didn’t think I could love this one as much as I loved Bad Romeo, but Leisa Rayven proved me wrong.The story picks up where Bad Romeo left off, and switches from past to present, where we get to see more of the past rocky relationship of Cassie and Ethan, and how they are now trying to fix what once was.In the present, we see Ethan doing all he can to show Cassie he isn’t the insecure, reckless, heartbreaking jerk version of his past self, and in an interesting turn of events, we see Cassie [...]

    27. 5 Star-crossed Loving Stars Arc received in exchange for an honest review Finally, the encore…The saga of Cassie and Ethan’s star-cross romance continues and WOW, I could not wait to jump into this sequel. At the end of “Bad Romeo”, I was left with so many unanswered questions… and my nerves were wracked with worry. What was the real reason Ethan crushed Cassie? What would become of this broken couple? Will Cassie’s desire for Ethan overcome her fears? Is Ethan strong enough to convi [...]


    29. 3.5 "Starcrossed" starsSince I read both books in this series together, the cliffy didn't bother me at all. I literally finished reading one and started on the next. The wait everyone else had to endure, I didn't. I should also add that I didn't like this one as much as I did the previous one. I could look deep within myself for the answer, but nah, fuck that. (view spoiler)[hinthint: it's because of Ethan. (hide spoiler)]This basically sums up my reaction to Ethan through the entire book. And C [...]

    30. Wow. Full Review to come.I might be a teeny tiny bit obsessed with this seriesBut OMGEthan Holtyou just don't even knowApril 28th needs to be likemorrow. Please.

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