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Endangered New York Times bestselling writer C J Box returns with a thrilling new novel featuring Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett She was gone Joe Pickett had good reason to dislike Dallas Cates even if he was

  • Title: Endangered
  • Author: C.J. Box
  • ISBN: 9780399160776
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Hardcover
  • New York Times bestselling writer C J Box returns with a thrilling new novel, featuring Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett She was gone Joe Pickett had good reason to dislike Dallas Cates, even if he was a rodeo champion, and now he has even Joe s eighteen year old ward, April, has run off with him And then comes even worse news The body of a girl has been found inNew York Times bestselling writer C J Box returns with a thrilling new novel, featuring Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett She was gone Joe Pickett had good reason to dislike Dallas Cates, even if he was a rodeo champion, and now he has even Joe s eighteen year old ward, April, has run off with him And then comes even worse news The body of a girl has been found in a ditch along the highway alive, but just barely, the victim of blunt force trauma It is April, and the doctors aren t sure if she ll recover Cates denies having anything to do with it says she ran away from him, too and there s evidence that points to another man But Joe knows in his gut who s responsible What he doesn t know is the kind of danger he s about to encounter Cates is bad enough, but Cates s family is like none Joe has ever met before Joe s going to find out the truth, even if it kills him But this time, it just might.

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        Edgar Award winning author C.J Box is the author of nineteen novels including the Joe Pickett series He s also won the Anthony Award, Prix Calibre 38 France , the Macavity Award, the Gumshoe Award, and the Barry Award His short stories have been featured in America s Best Mystery Stories of 2006 and limited edition printings 2008 novel BLOOD TRAIL was nominated for the International IMPAC Dublin Ireland Literary Award.Box is a Wyoming native and has worked as a ranch hand, surveyor, fishing guide, a small town newspaper reporter and editor, and he co owns an international tourism marketing firm with his wife Laurie They have three daughters An avid outdoorsman, Box has hunted, fished, hiked, ridden, and skied throughout Wyoming and the Mountain West He served on the Board of Directors for the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo Box lives in Wyoming from the author s websiteSeries Joe Pickettuscmillan author cjbox


    1. Another great Joe Pickett novel! Western justice, creepy and despicable bad guys, corrupt government officials, good guys crossing to the wrong side of the law in pursuit of what is right, revenge - basically, so much awesomeness! I sped through the last 50 pages or so holding my breath as the suspense was great.I cannot recommend this series enough – if you like mysteries, you really should check it out.Now, please don’t start with this book. There is so much back story in this series that, [...]

    2. Not too many series get better after 14 books, but the Joe Pickett does! I have enjoyed the series from the beginning, but I am loving it now. The last two in the series I have given 5 stars. For you Joe Pickett fans, get a copy ASAP! If you haven't read this series,start at#1. You have a lot of enjoyable and entertaining reading ahead of you.

    3. At the top of his form in this 15th of his mystery series featuring Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett. At the beginning three events are set in motion. Joe has come on the scene of the slaughter of a bunch of sage grouse, a politically hot event because of its current review as an endangered species and the huge economic havoc that status would cause. His work is interrupted when he gets word that his adopted daughter April, who run away with a rodeo bull rider, shows up on a roadside bludgeoned i [...]

    4. 4.5☆ really but I rounded up to 5☆ because I love all of C. J. Box's books and the little twist at the end was like one of those slapshots from just inside the red line that flutters like a knuckle ball and befuddles the poor goalie. Ya I missed it too!First a bit of housekeeping: I LOVE C. J. Box! I really do – what a terrific storyteller. I’ve been drawn to all of Box’s novels not only by the remarkable stories filled with intriguing and captivating characters but also because each s [...]

    5. I have to admit that I read Endangered as a sort of experiment. You see, I haven't read past book five in C.J. Box's Joe Pickett series, and book five was a long time ago. Even though I enjoyed those five books, I had to ask myself if I was ever going to get the chance to catch up. Since I didn't believe I could, short of shoving everything else to the side and reading the series straight through, I decided to jump in here at book fifteen. A lot of things have happened to Joe and his family in t [...]

    6. I've never heard of C.J. Box, author of "Endangered" (Putnam 2015). I picked the book because it got good reviews and is the fifteenth in the Joe Pickett series. More importantly, Lee Child recommended it--'one of today's solid-gold, A-list, must-read writers.' I wasn't about to argue with Jack Reacher's right hand man.Now I have to read the rest, it was that good.Joe Pickett is an easy-going, easy-to-know Wyoming game warden and family man. He takes his job seriously and has a reputation for so [...]

    7. First Sentence: When Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett received the call every parent dreads, he was standing knee-high in thick sagebrush counting the carcasses of sage grouse.When Joe Pickett receives a call about the body of a girl being found in a ditch by the highway, it is suspected to be his ward, April, who had taken off with rodeo champion Dallas Cates. Cates’ family gives him an alibi, and there’s evidence pointing to someone else. But Joe isn’t convenience and is determined to lea [...]

    8. One of the best books from this ever-reliable series about game warden Joe Pickett. The game warden part of his life was only a minor part of this story as his adopted daughter was found beaten and abandoned in a ditch, months after leaving home to live with a local hero rodeo rider. This story is much more about chasing down the bad guys and protecting family - Joe Pickett at his best.

    9. Quite a few books ago, I discovered this series because the last name of Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett is the same as my maiden name. It's unusual enough that I simply had to check out the books - and quickly, Joe made my list of Top 10 favorite heroes. This is the 15th book in the series, and author C.J. Box remains at the top of his game - and yes, Joe is still on that list. And in this one, I found yet another personal tie-in; one of the characters, it seems, shares my March 21 birthday.The [...]

    10. This is real C. J. Box. Someone beat Joe Pickett’s adopted daughter, April, nearly to death and dumped her along a highway. Someone else shotgunned Nate Romanowski, Joe’s best friend, immediately after he’s released from federal custody. And Joe is investigating the massacre of sage grouse. He can't help but wonder if any, or all, of this is connected. You know he won't stop short of the truth, even if it kills him.A loner railing against “jack-booted thugs” during his arrest, the judg [...]

    11. Investigating the slaughter of an entire flock of rare birds, Wyoming Fish & Game Warden Joe Pickett learns that his daughter April has been assaulted and left in a ditch on the side of the road. Joe immediately suspects her rodeo cowboy boyfriend, Dallas Cates. At the same time, Nate's outlaw friend Nate Romanowski is gunned down in an ambush and left for dead on the floor of a barn. Joe tries to piece together a plausible connection to what happened to his daughter and Nate. Meanwhile, Dal [...]

    12. Another instant classic read. I have not really gotten to know Joe Pickett but the little bit that I am familiar with I am enjoying. I really felt like I connected with him in this book. I like that the father side of him really came out. He was not just sheriff but a father who like any loving father you do not want to mess with when his daughter is hurt. Quick reading with high intensity. I could not stop reading. Mr. Box is a great storyteller. He brings life to his stories and characters as [...]

    13. There is a LOT to like about this latest Joe Pickett tale. In fact, there are several excellent story ideas here. The problem stems from the fact that there really isn't much of a plausible connection between them. They seem like remnants of tales that the author tried to force together by adding some stretched common element. Fans -- like me -- certainly won't be disappointed but Box is a far better writer than this offering suggests.

    14. One of the things I like the best about C.J. Box's novels are his characters - always colorful, painstakingly realistic and engaging. Hard-boiled game warden Joe Pickett is never afraid of wading into solving crimes, yet he's first and foremost a family man with a tender heart. Nate Romanowski walks a thin line between good and evil, meandering over both lines as the need arises. Yet he's also fiercely loyal and keeps his promises, particularly to the Pickett family. Box spends a lot of time in [...]

    15. C.J. Box hits a home run with Endangered. Joe Pickett learns that a young woman has been found by the side of a road, beaten and in a coma. He learns it's his 18-year old adopted daughter, April. The man she ran away with, Dallas Cates, is the prime suspect, but evidence points to another man, and Joe begins investigating. He had no idea of the danger lying in wait for him as he searches for the assailant. Written in the usual C.J. Box style, the novel has gorgeous descriptions of the terrain, a [...]

    16. C.J. Box knows how to write. I have enjoyed the novels about Joe Pickett that I have read. The characters are well thought out and explained. The plot this time was really wild and compelling. I did enjoy reading this book and am happy when I find another Box.J. Robert Ewbank author "John Wesley, Natural Man, and the Isms" "Wesley's Wars" and "To Whom It May Concern"

    17. This is just one awesome series that really you need to read from the very beginning. It is a series that literally revolves round Joe Pickett, a Game Warden in Wyoming, his family, friends and people who play major roles in his life. There is history to them all, far too much to convey on catch up with a couple of sentences. Besides there are some absolute belting stories in each and every book. Having lost track of time I am on a three book binge to catch back up on the family and just Wow! ha [...]

    18. I've not been reading this series in order so it was interesting to find out how April ended up after having left the family home with her cowboy boy friend. There are some demented people living in Saddle Spring, Wyoming including the family that services the area's septic tanks. I'm glad I don't live there.

    19. The fifteenth Joe Pickett novel, Endangered, picks up months after Stone Cold, which didn’t exactly end on a cliffhanger, but left plenty of loose threads. When we last saw Joe’s eighteen-year-old foster daughter, April, she’d run off with rodeo champion Dallas Cates, who’s family name is synonymous with malevolence in their local community. When we hear of her again, in the opening pages of Endangered, she has been beaten and dumped on the side of the road, barely breathing. The outlook [...]

    20. Ever seen the show "Justified"? I've only seen about the first two seasons, but really like the show and am planning on binge-watching it sometime soon.The reason I ask: if you've seen the second season of "Justified", a lot of the characters in this book are going to look familiar. There is a family that's pretty shady, probably criminal, but floats under the radar and has probably been getting away with stuff for a long time. In the book, however, Joe Pickett's adopted daughter April is found [...]

    21. I love the Joe Pickette series and as expected this was another great addition. Joe's daughter is found brutally beaten and unconscious near their home in Wyoming, which is perplexing, since she was supposed to be on the road with her professional bull riding boyfriend. The next day Nate, Joe's closest friend, is shot and also unconscious in the same hospital. Joe is on the case and following what his gut is telling him instead of the leads that the Sheriffs office are. Because of his good reput [...]

    22. I can’t believe I’ve missed this author until now. A lot of mysteries are strong on plot but not on characterization. “Endangered” had both…the people especially the main protagonist Joe Pickett seemed very real and their relationships to one another authentic. The plot blew me away. It was complicated and fast moving and the disparate parts kept me guessing how the two main parts tied together, how or even if they dovetailed. Box also toys with important issues such as wildlife preser [...]

    23. I couldn't wait to find a copy of this one so I checked it out of the library. Glad I did! This was another page-turner from Box and one of the best in the Joe Pickett series. In this one, Joe's adopted daughter, April, is found in a ditch along the road, beaten almost to death. Right away, Joe suspects April's boyfriend, rodeo star, Dallas Cates, who was also a suspect in an earlier rape case in high school. But did Dallas do it? Evidence points to an anti-government extremist who may have pick [...]

    24. At first, I thought this would be a rather mediocre Joe Pickett novel. The beginning didn't grab me and I found myself a little annoyed at Joe for some of his attitude about his daughters. However, after I got over that and the story picked up (specifically, as soon as Nate Romanowski was back in the picture), it *really* picked up and this ended up being, quite possibly, the best Joe Pickett novel yet. I love the interweaving stories, I love how they all resolve. More importantly, I loved the b [...]

    25. I met CJ Box at the Tattered Cover Book Store in Highlands Ranch, and he said this book was to be about Nate Romanowski. He lied! Nate after the book is even a greater mystery, than he was before. This book was his best realistic thriller yet. In this book we see a few new wrinkles, we see him investigate and solve the destruction of a lech. Him stumble through an investigation of a sick and twisted family. What I love about Joe Pickett is the strong woman characters, he develops in every book, [...]

    26. This one was a very quick read. Mainly, due to the fact it's not very complicated. The plot/storyline is simple but very well written. Everything is very straight forward. No convoluted twists or turns. This is CJ Box doing what he does best. Writing a great story involving wonderful, in-depth and much loved characters.

    27. I really enjoy reading the Joe Pickett series. I'd better. since this is the 15th book! But this book was so suspenseful, I didn't want to put it down for fear of missing something! Something was constantly going on.In this book, several months from the time that April ran away with rodeo star Dallas Cates, Joe gets a phone call that a girl resembling April has been found on the side of the road, severely beaten. It turns out to be April, and she is air-lifted to a large hospital in Montana, and [...]

    28. Box has hooked me with the Joe Pickett series. This was my second Pickett novel; I actually read the 16th book first. That didn't matter, it's a series that doesn't necessarily have to be read in order to understand; similar to the Jack Reacher/Lee Child books.

    29. Life can be fleeting in the mountains of Wyoming and Game Warden Joe Pickett knows that all too well. Humans also have an amazing ability to be incredibly cruel. The most recent example is scattered on the ground around him on an otherwise beautiful mid-March day. Everywhere he looks he sees feathers, blood, shells, and the bodies of at least 21 dead sage grouse. Nearby a few wounded survivors who will not last much longer move around. Known to many as “Prairie Chickens” these helpless birds [...]

    30. Game Warden Joe Pickett faces two separate situations in this 15th entry in the long-running popular series. One is highly personal; the other is in keeping with his official duties. To begin with, on a routine inspection, Joe discovers the wholesale slaughter of 21 sage grouse in a breeding area. What makes the situation worse is that Washington is contemplating designating the sage grouse as an endangered species. This fact allows the author to introduce a timely topic in keeping with the esta [...]

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