Vita Nuova

Vita Nuova

Magdalen Nabb / Jul 10, 2020

Vita Nuova Praise for the Marshal Guarnaccia Series It takes a writer as good as Magdalen Nabb to remind us of how subtle the art of the mystery can be Nabb has Simenon s knack The New York Times Book Review If

  • Title: Vita Nuova
  • Author: Magdalen Nabb
  • ISBN: 9781569474938
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Praise for the Marshal Guarnaccia Series It takes a writer as good as Magdalen Nabb to remind us of how subtle the art of the mystery can be Nabb has Simenon s knack The New York Times Book Review If you didn t make it to Florence this summer, don t despair There s a new Marshal Guarnaccia investigation Chicago Tribune Surpasses the best of Simenon Praise for the Marshal Guarnaccia Series It takes a writer as good as Magdalen Nabb to remind us of how subtle the art of the mystery can be Nabb has Simenon s knack The New York Times Book Review If you didn t make it to Florence this summer, don t despair There s a new Marshal Guarnaccia investigation Chicago Tribune Surpasses the best of Simenon Kirkus Reviews There is no other series quite like the Guarnaccia stories The Washington Post Book World Daniela is a quiet single mother studying for a doctorate in chemistry She rarely goes out, so her murder in her bedroom at the family s new villa seems inexplicable It is true that her mother, who appears to be an alcoholic her younger sister, who has had mental problems and her father, who has made his money running nightclubs and is probably involved in the international sex trade, are not your average home loving Italian nuclear family, but what can she have done to be singled out for slaughter And why has the prosecutor asked specifically for Marshal Guarnaccia to head the investigation This is the fourteenth book in this acclaimed series Magdalen Nabb, who was born and educated in England, lived and wrote in Florence, where she died on August 18, 2007.

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        MAGDALEN NABB was born in Lancashire in 1947 and trained as a potter In 1975 she abandoned pottery, sold her home and her car, and came to Florence with her son, knowing nobody and speaking no Italian She has lived there ever since, and pursues a dual career as crime writer and children s author.She has written fourteen crime novels featuring Marshal Guarnaccia of the carabinieri, all set in Florence, which she describes as a very secret city Walk down any residential street and you have no idea what is going on behind those blank walls It s a problem the Marshal comes up against all the time Magdalen Nabb also writes the immensely successful Josie Smith books, set in her native Lancashire, which form the basis of the Granada children s TV series, Josie Smith, scripted by the author Her first book, Josie Smith, was runner up for the Guardian Children s Fiction Award in 1989, and in l99l, Josie Smith and Eileen was winner of the prestigious Smarties Book Prize for the 6 8 age group Series Marshal Guarnaccia Mystery Josie Smith


    1. This should really get four stars, but it's nothing special. Except, that is, in the overcrowded and ridiculously bottom-heavy field of Mysteries, which are lately more and more populated with idiot schemes for plots, cutsie/impossible detectives, cringeworthy dialogue, and freshman-year-poetry style mishaps.It has become really difficult to find Mysteries that have no "close-the-cover-and-stand-away-from-the-book" moments, the point where all the telltale signs converge to prove they were not m [...]

    2. #14 in the Marshal Guarnaccia series.[return][return]This is the last and, in my opinion, among the best of the series; Nabb died in 2007 shortly after writing this book. [return][return]I had not read any of the series for quite some time; as preparation, I reread all but one of the previous books (I do not have #9, The Marshal at the Villa Torrini). I was impressed once more by the uniform excellence of the series: the understated writing, the evocation of Florence, the intriguing plots.[retur [...]

    3. This author is new to me and when I finished the novel and looked eagerly to find others, I discovered that there are at least 13, but that sadly she had died in 2007. The book reminded me very much of Donna Leon’s fiction; not just because they each have a middle aged honest middle ranking police officer as their hero and are set in a major Italian city, in Nabb’s case Florence, but because of their humanity and their exploration of character and understanding of human frailty.Investigating [...]

    4. “Vita Nuova” is the last book in the series Magdalen Nabb wrote featuring the wonderful Marshal Guarnaccia before her untimely death in 2001. And this is most certainly her best book ever. She has mastered the literary skill of mystery/crime writing. Her characters are solid and totally believable. To me, Marshal Guarnaccia is as real as they come. He’s someone I would want to meet. Through these 14 books Nabb has fully developed not only her main character, Marshal Guarnaccia, but also ea [...]

    5. I liked it, but it definitely wasn't my favorite of the Guarnaccia books I've read so far. They're a bit difficult to find and I was reading them in order, but then came across this one, her last before she died, and had to snap it up. It was darker for me than the others, dealing with the prostitution and enslavement of young and vulnerable immigrants. It isn't graphic in any way, but you know what's going on with these young girls. As always though, I love the details of Florence from an insid [...]

    6. Warm, contemplative, discerning characters and the setting (Florence) carry this mystery more than the plot does. But I liked it very much. It's the last in a series, I gather, and the only one I've read. It might be interesting to go back now and read the very first one.'You've given up smoking, then?''Not at all. I never give up giving up. Just giving it a rest for a bit.' p. 57

    7. I was disappointed to find out that the author died in 2007. The marshal Guarnaccia is middle-aged, eats too much pasta, and watches bad TV when his wife is out of town. Much more believable than detectives that stay up doing surveillance until 2 am, and then get up at 6 am and jog on the beach. He's not a Sherlock Holmes, instead he has excellent intuition about human nature. Of course, I love that the setting is Florence, which Nabb captures in its charming grubbiness.

    8. Brilliant character mystery👍 Sadly the last of a series written by Magdalen Nabb, this mystery is based in Florence, as were all her mysteries. She wrote meticulous character studies of The Marshal, a low-ranking officer in the Carabinieri. His moral code, his stolid loyalty to everything he was responsible for sets him apart from other mystery "detective."

    9. Yet another routine murder mystery with a lovable policeman doing right by women and children and illegal immigrants in the face of corruption and madness. There's a bit of everything in this soup: rings of slave girls from Eastern Europe, incest and fratricide. It would put you off ever setting foot in Florence if you believed a word of it.

    10. "3,5 stars"This was my third book (I read book 5 + 6) and it just didn't read as smoothly as the other two which I gave a four star rating. Also the dialogues seemed a little bit odd at times in this one. But overall I really like this series.Compare to Commissario Brunetti from Donna Leon I find Nabbs books just a little bit deeper and they have more substance to me. Both play in Italy and they have a quiet likeable main character but in Donna Leons books the focus is also about Brunettis famil [...]

    11. It is the first novel I read from Nabb, and I am totally in love with how Florence in August was described, metereologically speaking it's perfect.

    12. In the oppressive heat of a Florentine summer, a young single mother is brutally murdered in her bedroom. Was the crime committed by an unknown ex-boyfriend and possible father of her child, an angry gardener fired by her rich father, or the Italian or Russian mafia with links to international human trafficking? Magdalen Nabb carefully develops the story over the 262 pages of her rather short novel, revealing details bit by bit until the intricate puzzle is complete. This is a literary European- [...]

    13. Delving into the flood of Eastern European girls who find themselves locked into prostitution in Italy, Marshal Salvatore Guarnaccia tries to understand how it all works. A murder opens the door. The thinnest veneer of civility and respectability covers his main prey: a businessman using the cover of a temporary staffing agency to run a huge prostitution ring, complete with casino, strip shows and hotel. The ugly East European girls end up in menial jobs through the temp agency and the beautiful [...]

    14. Marshal Guarnaccia is called to a very fancy home where a young single mother has been found dead in her bedroom. She has been shot six times. She was discovered by her sister, who is still screaming and crying. The mother is drunk most of the time. The investigation is difficult because the prosecutor is a friend of the man who owns the house, Paoletti. Guarnaccia wants to know who is the father of the child, and this seems to be a big secret. During the investigation, Guarnaccia is aided by Ne [...]

    15. Vita Nuova is the last Marshal mystery written before Nabb died. The Marshal is once again drawn in among the newly wealthy, this time to investigate the death of a young mother on an old estate. The mystery leads the Marshal down paths that make him fear for his career and his anxiety is only heightened by his wife's absence. Much more interior to the Marshal than the typical novel in the series, his compassion and his small insights into human nature allow the case to be broken wide open. And [...]

    16. For a while I thought that Magdalen Nabb must have known somehow that this would be the last Marshal Guarnaccia book, but I hope I’m not spoiling anything by noting that events make it possible for the character to continue when this one ends. The title, Vita Nuova, has meaning on several levels that I won’t go into, and the Marshal is dealing with the absence of his long-suffering, sensible wife, Teresa, away looking after his ailing sister, as well as with a particularly nasty case of murd [...]

    17. Fun to find a new (to me) mystery author. Books set in Florence Italy; main character is a Marshal (of carabinieri) Guarnaccia. Vita Nuova was Magdalen Nabb's last book. The story involves a case that could end Guarnaccia's career because of the potential scandal involving a number of influential people. Addresses issues of principle/ethics vs safety; fortunately our hero makes the right choice.All of Ms Nabb's books (that I have read; that's 3 so far) are 3-dimensional and let us into the thoug [...]

    18. Why my friends insist on giving me books from a series, but out of order, I will never know. This one is the last book (and I do mean last, the author has past away) in a mystery series, set in Florence, Italy. Reminiscent of Donna Leon's Italian set mysteries, with intricate plots and interesting characters, but I was hoping for more locale-Florence is such a beautiful city, it would have been nice to have more of it in the story-that's just my personal preference-the mystery is quite good.

    19. Having read many of Donna Leon's Inspector Brunetti books, which are set in Venice, I looked for this as something similar. Both Leon and Nabb paint the main characters well. another common theme is that all loose ends don't get tied up, leaving the honest cop still struggling against the layers of corruption in the system.Will be seeking out more of Nabb's books.

    20. Interesting read a dark plot that touches on murder, abuse, human trafficking, corruption, fear and loneliness , a lot if themes bu they entwined well in the story. Partly written in a stream of consciousness of the main character, which was an interesting way of writing as it did wrack up the tension. Definately want to read more in this series.

    21. Magdalen Nabb is a revered mystery writer whose protaganist, Marshal Salvatore Guarnaccia, is almost as famous as she. This is the 13th in the series, and regrettably, her death in 2007 made it her lastbut, perhaps her best. She was adept at describing human foibles, of Salvatore as well as the other characters with whom he interacts. Worth the effort.

    22. So sad this is the last Marshall Guarnaccia book. I've grown quite fond of him. I picture him going, on doing his job without us all reviewing his work & looking over his shoulder. He is probably quite relieved to be on his own again.

    23. A page-turner, but and intelligently written book with interesting and believable characters, somewhat reminiscent of a British mystery.

    24. Decent quality murder mystery set in Florence. Apparently the last of a series; I may go back and read the earlier ones, but I think Dibdin is a lot more ambitious in plot and characterization.

    25. So far this has been the book I have enjoyed most in this series. The characters as well as the setting give life to the mystery, which in this particular book was exceptionally interesting.

    26. I guess it didnt help that I got it as an audiobook, and the reader was mumbling most of the times just ok, although I liked the main character development

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