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Smitten Dan Fisher is a fun loving slacker from SSU with a passion for partying and dancing When rich girl Avery Wakefield offers him a brand new designer wardrobe in exchange for posing as her boyfriend he

  • Title: Smitten
  • Author: Maris Black
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dan Fisher is a fun loving slacker from SSU with a passion for partying and dancing When rich girl Avery Wakefield offers him a brand new designer wardrobe in exchange for posing as her boyfriend, he reluctantly agrees He hates lying, but it s hard to turn down nice clothes and a chance to live in a historic mansion in Savannah for two weeks What he doesn t count on isDan Fisher is a fun loving slacker from SSU with a passion for partying and dancing When rich girl Avery Wakefield offers him a brand new designer wardrobe in exchange for posing as her boyfriend, he reluctantly agrees He hates lying, but it s hard to turn down nice clothes and a chance to live in a historic mansion in Savannah for two weeks What he doesn t count on is falling hard for her mysterious, straight brother Julian Wakefield is as tortured as he is handsome He keeps a secret close to his heart, and everyone else at a distance But now his sister s new boyfriend is stirring up feelings he s always been able to deny Like an angel and the devil all rolled into one, he tempts him to take chances he never would have taken before Too bad Dan belongs to his sister, whom he would never dream of betraying But put two hot boys with an irresistible attraction in the same house for long enough, something is bound to happen.

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    1. As much as I wanted to love this book, I didn't. Oh, it's a good book. From Maris Black, no less. This novel only proved she has a lot more to show in the future.Here we have the story of a filthy rich (and straight-my ass) guy with a openly-gay handsome college student.The first book in the series is the one about the couple of wrestlers in the college team and Dan is a friend of both of them. But we hardly spend time at the university anymore. Dan is offered to act as a boyfriend for Avery, a [...]

    2. 3.5 Stars!This one was decent. I liked it but I didn't love it. I kind of ran in to the same problem that I did with the first book in the series, Pinned, in that the characters, drama/conflict and storyline had a juvenile feel to it. The MCs are young, but still. SoSmitten is Dan's story who we met in Pinned. Though, honestly I remembered very little about him. Dan was apparently the manwhore of the bunch. One day at school Dan gets approached by a girl named Avery to pretend to be her boyfrien [...]

    3. I loved the whole thing but somewhere in the middle, I feel like there should’ve been more closure about Zack and his father. It was just blank in that aspect.I loved Zack’s character because he’s totally Beck in another world. I thought the sister was just a scheming bitch at the beginning so I’m glad that she’s actually a-okay after all.Another lovely story from Maris Black!Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

    4. Maris Black nailed it with this book.Smitten is Dan's story. We first met Dan in Pinned and I was definitely intrigued by him then, so I was ecstatic when Maris told me she was writing Dan's story. From the moment we first see Dan in this story, there's something about him that just makes you want him to be happy. When he meets Julian, you can tell from the first moment that they are meant to be. This story is told in such a way that it grabs you and holds onto you from the beginning until the v [...]

    5. (What's with this book's cover? Is that a whip? This book has no bondage. It makes no sense. But it does allow me this wordplay-infused segue)I got some serious whiplash from this book. It bears little resemblance to the first book in the series, Pinned, in tone or theme, and it has all the least compelling components of Black's arguably much better series, Kage. There are some decent story aspects, some super erotic love scenes, and a great thread of friendship in the end, but by the time I fin [...]

    6. I don't usually leave reviews, just ratings, because I have trouble putting words to the feelings I get reading a book. Maris Black has been a favorite author of mine since I read Owning Corey and it was solidified when I read Pinned, the first book in the SSU Boys series. I was so happy to revisit the characters in Dan's story, Smitten. The story itself is sad and wonderful. Dan had seemed so carefree in Pinned, I had no idea the ache he had to find his true love until this book. Julian is a ty [...]

    7. So we start at SSU with Dan, a friend of the wrestlers we met in book 1, but we quickly leave the state and head to North Carolina where Dan acts as the straight boyfriend to snooty Avery Wakefield for her cotillion. While there Dan meets her “straight” brother Julian and the two find themselves embroiled in a hot romance that was a bit expected when the dust settles.It seems a simple enough plot and it was, but there is a hell of a lot of other stuff thrown in to make this simple story more [...]

    8. Awe Dan is SMITTEN…We met Dan in Pinned (which was Beck and Jeremy’s story. If you haven’t read it yet…run, go grab it! It’s totally worth it!) and he struck me right away as a character I’d love to get to know more. He has that easy go with the flow *shrugs* I’m cool with whatever attitude. Hmmm….Good thing or Bad thing? Guess we’ll see.Julian Wakefield. Yes, you absolutely have to include his last name when you mention him. He has this attitude and way he carries himself so o [...]

    9. 2.5 StarsBook two of the SSU Boys series tells Dan and Julian's story. It was high drama and hawt sexy, smexy. (BTW, Maris Black is very good at writing the hawt sexy, smexy scenes. Yum!) Dan and Julian were both wonderful. Although Julian was a pretentious and selfish prick at times, I didn't like Dan's response. ((view spoiler)[Dirty dancing with nameless guys or sripping at the Truck Stop!?!? (hide spoiler)]) I wanted better from him but wishes and dreams and all that. That said, this book w [...]

    10. Reading about people of this generation (NAs or YAs) who are "happy," have nothing to worry about or are popular are a dead bore.I like my young people (when I read) angsty or unpopular.

    11. Ok, I loved the premise of this story. Cute gay guy is hired to pretend to be a rich girl's boyfriend during winter break, catches a case of the hots for rich girl's hot older brother, who has the hots right back. But then they threw in lots of poor little rich closeted boy drama, a bigoted, misogynistic father, and some real behind the times behavior among their friends, and it started losing steam.The UST between these two guys was awesome, and the sex was very hot, it's the family drama I cou [...]

    12. I listened to this on Audible. I really enjoyed the dual PoV and I loved the narrators voice. Julian is a complete arse but a lovable one and I just adored Dan. Around the half way mark it got a bitccharine. Julian and Dan were a bit girlie in their interactions. The make up scene was meh. Julian should have been grovelling is arse off but nope, hardly even saying sorry and Dan just forgives him. Hannah pissed me right off. I know I was supposed to feel sorry for her but she was so manipulative [...]

    13. This was another great entry in the SSU series and a great audiobook. I already loved Dan from 'Pinned' and it was great to have him as main character and learn more about him. He is a likable free spirit and hot as hell.Julian reinded me a lot of Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl. He is rich, confident and likes to take charge. The chemistry between them is off the charts, but parts of the story seemed a bit OTT for me. It is an incredibly fun and hot read, though.

    14. My goodness this author is a drama queen (in her writing anyway). This is the second book I've read in the series and I have to say I'm not rolling my eyes at the drama as much as I might have. I'm actually getting into it. Well written story that keeps you on edge until the end.

    15. This is such a wonderful series!! So happy to find this author! :-D. She writes all her books with such feeling and description and keeps you wanting more and more. As soon as your done with one book you can't wait for the next to come out!!!

    16. This book is infuriating, because Maris writes the erotica well, it's definitely better thought out that some erotica I read, but she falls into some really tacky NA tropes that I can't stand. Like:-Avery frequently acts like a five year old child.-Dan doesn't seem to have much personality.-All their angsty moments are short lived. They will spend a few paragraphs troubling over a situation, then another character appears and it's gone.-In two weeks, it's the truest true love to ever be true lov [...]

    17. Smitten started out really strong, but half way through, I just found it a bit too much. It all got a bit strange!(view spoiler)[ First of all, how Dan could not see that Julian was gay was just stupid! Oh, a male prostitute giving Julian a BJ? That might have been a clue It went on a bit too long with Dan thinking he was straight, as well as Julian’s denial.What made me almost angry, was the way Hannah’s suicide was portrayed. Or rather Julian’s reaction to it. Julian, Dan and Avery arriv [...]

    18. Dan FisherJulian WakefieldRead Oct 2017 | 3.5 stars~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Book synopsis: Dan Fisher is a fun-loving slacker from SSU with a passion for partying and dancing. When rich girl Avery Wakefield offers him a brand new designer wardrobe in exchange for posing as her boyfriend, he reluctantly agrees. He hates lying, but it’s hard to turn down nice clothes and a chance to live in a historic mansion in Savannah for two weeks. What he doesn’t count on is falling hard for her mysterious, st [...]

    19. Julian and Dan's story was amazing, simply AMAZING! I started reading it last night before bed and did not want to put it down, I got to about 60% when I found myself reading the same sentence over and over cause it wasn't computing I was that tired! So I reluctantly bookmarked my page, put my kindle to sleep and went to bed. As soon as I could this morning I went back to about the 50% mark and read it from there to the end in one sitting. I LOVE this book and cannot wait for the next one to com [...]

    20. IncredibleI could not put this book downI read it all in one shot and I am about to read it again and again. I love all our original characters from "Pinned" and I love them even more than anything now. I really want Julian as my ownI know he is into men/Dan but he has me so in love with him. Avery and Michael, Julian's Mother are awesome new characters. I don't really like Blake thoughI do not trust him!! I was kinda hoping that Zack would be a good guy and wind up hooking up with Seth. I felt [...]

    21. another winner from maris blackjust finished today and loved it!!! I couldn't figure out if I like Dan or Julian moreDan is so adorable and Julian starts off as one of those guys you can't stand but of course you love him by the end story was very well written and flowed wellloved the glimpses of Jeremy and Beck and even Seth I totally see a story with Blake and Liam :)Maris writes such a vivid story with great charactersmetimes I wanted to slap Julian in the head can't wait for more stories inv [...]

    22. I Loved Smitten!!! I'm not going to tell you what Smitten is about but I will say that this is definitely A Must Read! I have never read a book that left me unable to read another when finished until now. I loved everything about Dan and Julian's story from the beginning "Your turn, Mr. Fisher" to the end - I drop a kiss on the top of his head, his curls tickling my nose, and I wonder what I ever did in my life to get so lucky.I have read every book by Maris and I have never been disappointed! I [...]

    23. For me Dan made this book! I absolutely loved him! I felt so bad for him in Pinned and I'm glad he got to find love in this book. I had an idea of where Julian went when he left but I was so mad at the way he left that it was hard for me to like him again. I did end up forgiving him tho. I'm ready for the next book. Either Seth or Liam as long as Blake is someone's love intrest. My vote is for Liam.

    24. So I absolutely loved this book. I loved Dan and Julian. I loved how their relationship came together. I loved the ending. I loved the interaction between them and their friends. I didn't want to see it end. Such a good book. Great job Maris!! I was a fan before, but now it's cemented :)

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