Park's Lot

Park's Lot

Laura Harner / Aug 11, 2020

Park s Lot When vegan peace loving social do gooder Park Williams stumbles across the half dead cattle rancher who has been sabotaging the Willow Springs Ranch in the name of a homophobic militia group there s

  • Title: Park's Lot
  • Author: Laura Harner
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When vegan, peace loving, social do gooder Park Williams stumbles across the half dead cattle rancher who has been sabotaging the Willow Springs Ranch in the name of a homophobic militia group there s only one thing to do Save his life, then share his tent Waking to find the man s dick pressed against his ass is just a bonus Tanner Triplett is in trouble Not the your bWhen vegan, peace loving, social do gooder Park Williams stumbles across the half dead cattle rancher who has been sabotaging the Willow Springs Ranch in the name of a homophobic militia group there s only one thing to do Save his life, then share his tent Waking to find the man s dick pressed against his ass is just a bonus Tanner Triplett is in trouble Not the your brother is a sociopathic murderer and you re his next victim sort of trouble Not even the your father is trying to overthrow the federal government and you re going to jail for helping kind of trouble No this is the sort of trouble that comes when you wake up with stranger s dick in your hand Holy fuck How is he going to get out of this A sudden need to run for their lives ought to do it Determined to make amends, Tanner leads Park to the relative safety of the WSR, where the biggest danger should be from gun wielding cowboys seeking revenge Tanner hadn t counted on sharing a room with the exotically beautiful Park or the danger to his heart when the carefully erected walls protecting his secret come tumbling down.

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    1. This was a fun continuation of the storyline that ended in Hanging Chad, which saw a group of anti-gay, anti-government separatists trying to take down our guys on the Willow Springs Ranch. This time around, though, the stakes are higher, because one of the men who has sought refuge there is none other than Tanner Triplett -- the son of one of the main conspirators and one of the guys who had spent time trying to undermine the operations of the ranch.Park's Lot actually starts with events that o [...]

    2. When I started this one, I figured that I wouldn't much like it. I mean, Park pushes many of my 'gets on my nerves' buttons. He's a bit too hippy drippy for me. He kind of grew on me, though. He wasn't nearly jaded enough, however, after having worked for CPS. I can definitely see why he wouldn't be able to do that job. Tanner was a pretty interesting character. He grew up in a bad atmosphere. His dad and brother are very homophobic and Tanner has had to keep himself hidden out of fear for his l [...]

    3. I like the idea if kismet, and it was just meant to be for Tanner and Park. I wasn't sure I would like Tanner because of all the bad stuff he did to WSR, but after getting more background of what his life was like he was very easy to love. Park was a seriously weird hippy character but he really made the story fun, and I enjoyed how he cared for Park right from the get go.

    4. Park’s Lot by Laura HarnerBook #5: Willow Springs Ranch SeriesSource: PurchaseMy Rating: 2½/5 starsMy Review:I’ve said it before and I’m saying it again. Every series has that one book that just doesn’t hold up to the rest of the series. In the Willow Springs Ranch Series, that book is Park’s Lot. Without reservation or hesitation, I can lay the blame for this squarely at one character’s feet, Park Williams. Park was introduced briefly in Hanging Chad as the social worker assigned t [...]

    5. "Honey, there was never a choice. Look around. You were hurt out in this vast wilderness, hundreds of miles from anywhere. I went left instead of right, passed two roads, but took the third. Scooby had to pee and instead found you. Pick your flavor. All I know is somewhere in the big bad world of destiny and fate, the planets and stars aligned, kismet turned a cartwheel, and the house of the rising sun flowed through Aquarius to let the sunshine in."Ah, Park, from the moment you stepped on the p [...]

    6. This is book 5 and I have to say the best yet. Where they ach do stand-alone well and there is sufficient backstory you can follow alone on this one I do recommend you read at least the last two Taking Chance and Hanging Chad or at least hanging Chad. Park is a very unique man. He works for child abuse enforcement n Flagstaff and after his last case involving Chad Ollam, a gay teacher accused of abusing his students, Park has decided to retire and take a long needed vacation to find himself and [...]

    7. I love this one! We first met Park Williams in all his rainbow glory when he worked with COS and cleared Chad of any wrong doing, as well as let him know he was being set up in 'Hanging Chad'. Now he as well as his aDorkable dogs Taco and Scooby are headed for some camping on the BLM land near Willow Springs Ranch.Scooby and Taco find a badly dehydrated Tanner Triplett and Park nurses him back to health. Kismet! Karma! So of course they are going to fall in love right? So, it's not easy. Tanner [...]

    8. Like the other books of the WSR series this one was WAY too short, and had so many way that it could have been expanded and not draggy. There was a lot that could be told about couple they are like the poster couple of the saying OPPOSITE ATTRACTS.Tanner is born raised die hard cowboy who the idea of living without a horse would be easier like telling him to just stop breathing. Park is a hippy, Karma living vegan who loves to paint his eyes with a blue eye shadow and black liner pride of who he [...]

    9. Actually more like 3.5 stars. I love the world that Laura Harner has created at Willow Springs Ranch and I really like the new characters of Park and Tanner, but the story seemed to be lacking. There was a lot of story there potentially with the Triple T Ranch, what they had been doing and the relationship between Tanner and his family, but instead of telling that story the book seemed to concentrate on the sex. Now I'm not saying the sex scenes weren't good, I would have just liked them to be a [...]

    10. In this entry in the series I felt that the suspense element overshadowed the romance. There is plenty of action and suspense--and it is really interesting and well done--but very little time for the MCs to connect. The time that they do spend together is in bed (but not in the really hot scenes I'm used to from Harner). I think that this is definitely a nascent relationship that's gone off to look for a HEA, not the I-love-yous of a duo that has gotten to know each other in any real way. I like [...]

    11. April 6th to April 8thAs installment #5 of the Willow Springs Ranch Series, this series just keeps getting better and better. This story was about Tanner and Park. Two more completely opposite men you will never find. Tanner is a very good looking rancher, who at the present time is in a lot of trouble. Park is a drop dead gorgeous hippie type on a camping trip with his dogs. When Park's dogs find an unconscious Tanner, how could he turn his back on a gorgeous cowboy who needed help. This is a t [...]

    12. I read this in one sitting. The WSR series is like chocolate, you never have enough. Or potato chips, you can't eat just one. Or wine, is one glass really all you want? Yes, you get it, I have an addiction.This time we meet Park Williams, a vegan raised by hippy parents. Park decides to camp on the outskirts of WSR when he discovers a badly beaten Tanner Tripplet. Tanner has been left for dead by his psychopathic brother after a botched attempt to kill one of the WS ranch hands. Park nurses his [...]

    13. Great read ifyou enjoyed the other books in the series, quick reads, cowboys, romance, M/M romance, drama, following your heart, betrayal in a good way, being true to yourself, hot sex, and a HEA! (Side note: There are a few punctuation mistakes but you'll survive. This was great! Really loved Tanner and Park was fun! However's got a feeling like this might be the end of the stories, but dear goodness I hope not!)

    14. Sadly, I feel I have no other choice than to reduce my ratings for all Laura Harner books. The evidence of plagiarism for some of her books appears incontrovertible and she has even apologized for it. This, for me, taints her entire body of work. I can no longer trust the integrity of any of her writing.This in no way reflects upon the integrity or quality of any author with whom she collaborated.

    15. 3.5 stars--Although this was an enjoyable read, it was not nearly as good as the previous ones in the series. The MCs were certainly likeable, but the story and dialog didn't seem quite real. Based on Harner's other works, I was a bit disappointed in this one. Harner still, however, remains one of my favorite m/m authors.

    16. Good bookI love this series. I liked Tanner from the beginning, felt that he was a good guy, just in a no-win situation. I was happy to see Park and knew he'd be good for Tanner. Hope another book is coming about the WSR. This is a really good series. Excited to read the next book in this series.

    17. This was a great m/m romance with tension, drama, humor, and sex. It was a bit confusing because it has been a while since I read the previous books. There are just too many sexy cowboys!I was discouraged because there was a misplaced comma on the second page (the bus, sped past the exit). There were also a few missing words later on. Overall though it was well written.

    18. You will fall in love!The WSR series is one of my favorites, and this is a great addition to the story. It answers some questions and you get to see the same cast of characters from the rest of the series. I fell in love with Park in the last book and I am glad Tanner is a good guy.

    19. This book wasn't as good as the others, maybe a little rushed. But I did like Park. And I'm glad Tanner was trying to make amends.

    20. A vegan at a ranch? Talk about not fitting in! But Park still seems to find something he can sink his teeth into.

    21. 3.5 out of 5Great couple and a good story. Maybe a little too short. Nice to see the other characters.

    22. These are sure as heck not literary classics, but I can't resist buying them for the covers alone. IMHO some of the most appealing covers in the genre. The designer deserves a raise. :-)

    23. I just got done with this one and I'm so glad that there was a novella with the rest of the story of Tanner and Park because at first I thought it stopped way to soon lol but I loved the whole thing

    24. 3.5 I like this series, this was an enjoyable read. Park is probably my favorite character in the series - I loved his vegan hippie eyeliner wearing attitude.

    25. I had guessed some of what happened between tanner and park when i read book 6. The author showed it so much more completely than i had imagined.

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