The Bourne Retribution

The Bourne Retribution

Eric Van Lustbader Robert Ludlum / Oct 01, 2020

The Bourne Retribution Still reeling from Rebeka s death Bourne is drawn back into the fight between the Mexican cartels when he learns that his nemesis Ouyang Jidan is involved Determined to discover the connection betwee

  • Title: The Bourne Retribution
  • Author: Eric Van Lustbader Robert Ludlum
  • ISBN: 9781409149248
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Paperback
  • Still reeling from Rebeka s death, Bourne is drawn back into the fight between the Mexican cartels when he learns that his nemesis Ouyang Jidan is involved Determined to discover the connection between the Chinese official Ouyang and a deceased drug lord, Bourne sets off for Shanghai where he ll face his greatest threat to date.

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        Eric Van Lustbader was born and raised in Greenwich Village He is the author of than twenty five best selling novels, including The Ninja, in which he introduced Nicholas Linnear, one of modern fiction s most beloved and enduring heroes The Ninja was sold to 20th CenturyFox, to be made into a major motion picture His novels have been translated into over twenty languages Mr Lustbader is a graduate of Columbia College, with a degree in Sociology Before turning to writing full time, he enjoyed highly successful careers in the New York City public school system, where he holds licenses in both elementary and early childhood education, and in the music business, where he worked for Elektra Records and CBS Records, among other companies uscmillan author ericva


    1. Brace yourself for the ultimate showdown in this Jason Bourne thriller that has a deeply personal touch to a story that spans Mexican drug cartels, the Chinese Politburo, and the Mossad.In The Bourne Retribution, a month after Rebeka’s funeral Jason Bourne is still mourning her death. Rebeka’s death throbbed like an internal wound that refused to heal. When the director of Mossad, Eli Yadin, asks him to investigate the rumor of Ouyang Jidan, a senior member of China’s Politburo, and Mexico [...]

    2. The Review Can Also Be Found Here!With a new Jason Bourne movie on the horizon I thought it would be probably a good idea to read as many of the novels in the character’s series as possible in order to prepare. I’ve read four so far including The Bourne Retribution and I’ve yet to find anything in the series that matches up to the quality of Robert Ludlum’s original novel which shouldn’t really come as any surprise. But it’s becoming clear that Lustbader is gradually getting better i [...]

    3. Jason Bourne is back for his eleventh adventure, ready to impress readers, but perhaps disappoint series fans. Bourne is called into action by Mossad to look into a secretive joint effort between member of the Chinese Politburo and some powerful cartels to rid him of his rivals. Still pained from a death close to his heart, Bourne will stop at nothing to earn retribution against one of his long-standing nemeses, infiltrating closed-circles with his ability to elude all those who get too close. B [...]

    4. Escapist spy/action thriller. Not much to say. It's the movie version Jason Bourne wreaking havoc on all sorts of bad guys - Mexican cartel, Mossad turncoats, Chinese hegemonists. The large cast of characters is a must since Bourne kills quite a number of them.The secrets and mysteries are what keep the narrative going, otherwise its just a series of Bourne fights and escapes. I haven't read any of the previous books but the references are not too hard to figure out. Bourne fell in love, someone [...]

    5. Somehow I missed this book in the Bourne series so I went back to finish up. As long as the author continues to keep Jason Bourne alive, I will stick with him. He is smart, ruthless, admirable, and deadly. I felt that this book had some great action sequences (cliffhangers at the end of chapters are standard), but was way too violent, even for the series. I guess the shock value was the author's intention, but why introduce so many characters if they're probably going to be killed in some creati [...]

    6. Though the book starts off badly in my opinion, it picks up pace and settles down into a fairly good thriller. But the initial part of the book was very bad. Characters were ill-defined and doing illogical stuff and some of the things were incredulous. But then that's Bourne series. Overall, a good read finally.

    7. Criss-crossing cities, countries and continents – from the Middle East to Mexico, and to China, The Bourne Retribution continues the saga of one of the most popular and compelling characters in modern fiction. Eric Van Lustbader masterfully writes a tale of loss, betrayal and vengeance in this latest Bourne novel.In The Bourne Retribution, the story begins a month after Rebeka’s funeral and Jason Bourne is still mourning her death. Rebeka’s death throbbed like an internal wound that refuse [...]

    8. Eric Van Lustbader was given the arduous task of continuing the legend of Robert Ludlum's indestructible amnesiac hero, Jason Bourne. I had given the Jason Bourne series a bit of a rest as there has been 7 Bourne adventures since Ludlum's passing-- with each thriller having the Van Lustbader intricate plotline. "The Bourne Retribution" does not disappoint. This is definitely one of those thrillers that grabs you by the throat and makes you burn the midnight oil just to see what is beyond the nex [...]

    9. At this point, VonLustbader has more than twice the history with Jason Bourne as Robert Ludlum had. In some ways the legend reads as fan fiction, in others it stretches so far from origins to be nearly unrecognizable. Take it for what it is and you'll happily go along for the ride. Bourne is older and wiser now, yet we never quite know how much he's the puppet or the puppeteer. One note: you won't get half as much out of the story if you haven't kept up with the series.

    10. A surprisingly agile and flexible tale, spanning the globe - several times. Involving the Mexican drug cartels, the Chinese, the Israelis and, of course, Jason Bourne caught in the middle, just trying to mind his own business, Well, obviously not minding his own business - though he does seem at times to have caught a tiger by the tail and knows he really should let go. Anyway, that’s what I’ve liked about EvL’s Bourne, he’s made Bourne almost self aware. Though, maybe with the films in [...]

    11. With this particular installment of the Jason Bourne series, my interest in Eric Van Lustbader's spin on the Jason Bourne character has been fairly well refreshed. I had grown a bit tired of the reworking of many of the old characters with the invention of new scenarios just to connect the ends of the story line such that the door to the next book was open, but the life of the players just went boringly on. Now, at the conclusion of The Bourne Retribution, only a FEW players are poised for new e [...]

    12. Enjoyed this one because it had a bit of intrigue to it. Still full of fight scenes that, descriptive wise, tend to baffle, unless every assailant is multiple jointed like Bourne! Ties up some loose ends but the end may be a disappointment depending on your point of view

    13. These books are getting too far fetched even for Jason Bourne. They're evolving more into love stories than kick ass action novels. Wondering if I should continue with the series or just walk away now.

    14. I've been exposed to a sufficient dose of the Reacher novels, but aside from seeing the movie of the first Bourne installment wasn't up to speed on this particular hero. I suspect it would've been better to try a title that had actually been written by Ludlum, rather than by an imitator trying to carry on what he started, but when browsing the limited selection of audiobooks in the library one must take what comes to hand. (It turns out I encountered the same issue a few months ago with another [...]

    15. Eli Yadin, hoofd van de Mossad en persoonlijke vriend van Jason Bourne vermoedt dat er een connectie bestaat tussen de Mexicaanse drugskartels en het Chinese Politbureau en dat de illegale handel tussen de twee verder gaat dan het alleen maar smokkelen van drugs. Om daar zekerheid over te krijgen vraagt Eli Yadin Jason Bourne een onderzoek in te stellen. Jason stemt ermee in en dat niet alleen om de waarheid over de illegale handel boven tafel te krijgen maar vooral omdat hij op deze manier in s [...]

    16. "The Bourne Retribution" by Eric Van Lustbader is, as the title implies, another adventure of the amnesiac spy, Jason Bourne. Except this one is different. The book deals with Jason Bourne after Rebeka's death, and how he hasn't gotten over it. Now, I remember in "The Bourne Legacy" when Lustbader killed off Bourne's Psychiatrist Dr. Morris Panov, his old CIA Handler Alex Conklin, and Jason Bourne's wife. That was a sad moment, as the three people he had forged emotional connection to were kille [...]

    17. To this day, I recall when I first met Jason Bourne in the pages of Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Identity. A man fished out of the sea who soon discovers that he does not know who is or anything about his history. Over the course of 11 novels, I have come to know the man who, despite the odds against him always seems to complete his mission.In The Bourne Retribution, he is recruited by Mossad using the lure of avenging the death of Rebekah, a woman he loved and an Israeli agent. His journey in sea [...]

    18. I won this book in a giveaway in exchange for an honest review. The story was interesting and grabbed your interest. Finished it in about a week. Well developed characters that you could relate to. Jason Bourne trying to get retribution for the death of a woman he loved Rebeka- who had been killed in a confrontation between the Mexican drug lord cartels and their Chinese suppliers. The story takes place in Mexico and China as Bourne goes back and forth to hunt down those responsible for Rebeka' [...]

    19. It was strange to see plot elements from the films to be used in the book after all this time. The books and films are so different, and this is one of the rare exceptions where I think the films are better. The author seems to be aligning the story more with the film series and less with the roots of Ludlum. Most of the characters in the book kill each other off just when you think you might recall who they are. Other story lines jump ahead bizarrely and I flipped back to see if I missed someth [...]

    20. This the sequel to "the Bourne imperative". it begins with Bourne mourning the death of an Israeli operative and is spending time in Tel aviv next to Rebeka's burial ground. That is when the Mossad director Eli Yadin requests Jason to company another Mossad operative for a high profile meeting. In that meeting,Carlos the Mexican drug enforcement officer kills th amossad operative and injures Bourne.Thus begins this book where Bourne finds out who Rebeka's killers were and embarks on the journey [...]

    21. Eli Yadin the head of Mossad and Bourne's friend learnsthat Oujang Jidan a senior member of China's Politburo isa major Mexican drug lord and maybe trafficking in somethingmore deadly than drugs. He cons Bourne into investigating and Bourne agrees only because Jidan killed Rebeka one ofthe only people Bourne cared about and Bourne is determined to avenge her, but he becomes enmeshed in a worldwide scheme involving Chinese, Mexicans and Russians. This takeshim, from Tel Aviv to Shanghai to Mexico [...]

    22. Not as well written as Ludlum's books. Characters are okey and the plot is interesting, with twists. However, there are too many convenient coincidences where characters are saved by someone unexpectedly appearing on stage. And the author would do well to review the physics of guns. When a small girl fires a pistol at a man, the impact of the bullet will not knock him off of his feet and through the door behind him. The impact has only as much effect as the recoil of the pistol, which would not [...]

    23. Excellent book in the series. This book focused on Jason Bourne and left out the members of Treadstone that have been in the last few books. It made for a much tighter storyline. The plot was easier to follow but still very interesting and well written. This book, just like the last one, was on the Mexican drug cartels and the Chinese with the Israelis thrown in for good measure. This also made for an interesting story since the personalities, customs and expectations of the characters were all [...]

    24. Sorry, but it just does not make sense to me. It just doesn't fly. Now we get a sudden desperation in Bourne and severe depression over a death. His memory of the event is much much more absorbing now than the event itself was. In the last book Bourne left Rebeka seemingly dead in the backseat of car in the middle of a city. No extraordinary measures and it seemed like no regrets or not much of one, all in a days work. No. This seems like a sudden reversal of Lustbader's work, packaged to tie in [...]

    25. Many years ago, I'd wait (somewhat) patiently for Robert Ludlum's new novel to be publish and then in a matter of days inhale it. Then the waiting would begin again. Since that time, I lost interest in the books. The last Bourne book read was The Bourne Identity.I did,however, love the Bourne movies with Matt Damon. Guess that is why I picked up this Bourne audio book. Didn't get any further than disk 4. It was a bit confusing when scenes and characters constantly switched locations and then I j [...]

    26. This story, like all the other Jason Bourne books, will keep you on the edge of your seat with its fast pace and the terrifying challenges the characters have to overcome. The plot moves back and forth from China to Mexico City, and it is fascinating how the author illustrates the differences in the two cultures and their values. It's all about power, and in the end, the Mexican Drug cartels with their abject disregard for life are no different from the Chinese Politburo members.Jason Bourne's o [...]

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