The Amber Road

The Amber Road

Harry Sidebottom / Jul 10, 2020

The Amber Road In the sixth novel in Harry Sidebottom s acclaimed and bestselling Warrior of Rome historical fiction series Ballista returns to undertake yet another epic mission while the Roman Empire reels in cha

  • Title: The Amber Road
  • Author: Harry Sidebottom
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  • Page: 216
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the sixth novel in Harry Sidebottom s acclaimed and bestselling Warrior of Rome historical fiction series, Ballista returns to undertake yet another epic mission while the Roman Empire reels in chaos around him In AD 264, the Roman Empire has been torn in two The western provinces Gaul, Spain and Britain have been seized by Postumus, the pretender to the throne To thIn the sixth novel in Harry Sidebottom s acclaimed and bestselling Warrior of Rome historical fiction series, Ballista returns to undertake yet another epic mission while the Roman Empire reels in chaos around him In AD 264, the Roman Empire has been torn in two The western provinces Gaul, Spain and Britain have been seized by Postumus, the pretender to the throne To the east, on the plains of northern Italy, the armies of the emperor Gallienus muster and he is keen to take his rightful place of power A war between two emperors is coming and everyone must choose a side On a mission shrouded in secrecy and suspicion, Ballista is sent by Gallienus back to his original home of Hyperborea, the place of the people of his birth to raise an army against Postumus This means that Ballista must journey along The Amber Road to the far north Along the way Ballista meets a fearsome, masked warlord who attacks, bringing fire and sword against Ballista and his men And in his home of Hyperborea not all welcome Ballista s return In the battle between Postumus and Gallienus only one can survive and be emperor Renowned for their skilled blending of action and historical accuracy, Sidebottom s Warrior of Rome novels take the reader from the shouts of the battlefield to the whisperings of the emperor s inner circle Rich in detail and punctuated by harrowing action, there s no better way to transport yourself back to the days of the Roman Empire.

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        Harry Sidebottom is Lecturer in Ancient History at Merton College, Oxford, and part time lecturer in Classics and Ancient History at the University of Warwick He has written for and contributed to many publications, including Classical Review, Journal of Roman Studies, and War and Society in the Roman World.


    1. In this sixth entry into Prof Sidebottom’s Warrior of Rome series, Ballista is again on a journey outside the borders of the Empire. This time he is going home. Set against the reconquest of the breakaway Gallic Empire, Ballista is being sent to what is now Denmark to separate his native tribe, the Angles, from the Gallic Empire and arrange an alliance with the rightful emperor, Gallienus.For those familiar with the previous books of the series – this is more of the same, excellent battle sc [...]

    2. I read about four books a week, but few stay with me. This writer has really captured me.Gore galore - and a lot more.Perfect if you love history, blood and guts, a goodly dollop of rape and pillage, a heroic hero - plus lots of detail about ancient war. This was the last in this writer's Warrior of Rome series. The covers - and one of the reviews - suggest they are for people who like "Gladiator", but they are infinitely more sophisticated.The period and places he has carefully chosen are ones [...]

    3. After two disappointing books, Amber Road is in many ways a return to form for Harry Sidebottom, similar to Ballista return to his homeland.While I am not a big fan of the beginning of the book (I think the two prologues appear nearly off-topic until you're quite far into the book, by which time you've pretty much forgotten half of them), but it becomes increasingly better and is probably as good as the earlier books in the series in the second half.Although I wasn't convinced of Sidebottom desc [...]

    4. Ballista returns home (after a long and adventurous journey) to Angle-Land where as Prince Dernhelm he becomes involved in the nefarious plots of his wicked half-brother, Morcar, and his minions. There is also a mysterious masked warlord who is attempting to destroy the empire of Ballista's father, Isangrim.This is probably my favourite of the Ballista series, although I'm not entirely sure why, as it does not differ very much from any of the others. There are lots of battles, individual fights, [...]

    5. Couldn't finish it as no matter how much I tried. I am interested in the content but wasn't drawn in by the text. Eventually gave up.

    6. Please don't let this be the last one!!!!!! Way too much left unresolved, plus, I just love Ballista. He needs to defeat that curse and get his life back. Pretty please!!!!!

    7. Last summer when I reviewed "The Wolves of the North", I expressed my fear that death stalked one of my favorite literary characters (who was also a real historical figure), Marcus Claudius Ballista, and I was afraid to read Book 6 in Sidebottom's "Warrior of Rome" series because I would find it hard to say goodbye to Ballista after accompanying him on so many adventures in Persia and beyond. However, a friend on Facebook assured me that, even though trusty old Calgicus died as a result of his w [...]

    8. My review gives 5 stars for the series (so far)Doctor Sidebottom brings the chaotic period of the 3rd century to life with the stroke of a pen. Over the six books the main characters battle siege, betrayal, slavery, murder and everything else a barbarian general in Rome's 3rd century armies can expect and more.As the Author is a scholar of the time. It is laced with people who existed from the great and good to the not so great or good. Looking forward to book 7 and the Throne Of The Ceasers is [...]

    9. Bez Beowulfa prawdopodobnie nie byłoby Władcy Pierścieni. Gdyby Profesor nie inspirował się staroangielską epiką bohaterską, nie byłoby Aragorna, dzielnych krasnoludów, smoka do ubicia i Wielkiego Zła Na Wschodzie. Nie, wróć! Dzięki Stalinowi Tolkien może by i wpadł na pomysł Wielkiego Zła na Wschodzie, ale na tym tyle. I nieco podobna sytuacja ma się z szóstym, ostatnim tomem cyklu Sidebottoma Wojownik Rzymu. Jak wykładowca historii w Lincoln College i jeden z ciekawszych t [...]

    10. Couldn't decide whether to give it 3 or 4, and decided in the end to give it 3. I did enjoy it - and it's a huge improvement on "Wolves of the North". But there were still things that niggled somewhat. Could have done with Ballista getting to his homeland more quickly, and then having more story development once he was there. There were conflicts that could have been much more developed. On the other hand, it's all part of a meta-narrative, which is one of the things I like about these books - y [...]

    11. And so it comes to and end - the sixth and 'final' book of Ballista, warrior of Rome. SPOILER ALERT - the author does say he has another trilogy in the works but its a few years off.Great character development - believable plots - a wonderful tip through 3rd century northern Europe.

    12. c2013: FWFTB: Gaul, war, Hyperborea, treachery, Ballista. For some strange reason, I was not as enamoured with this book as I was with my first Ballista read. Perhaps, it was so similar in plot and form that it all became a bit samey. Recommended for those of the crew that enjoy the Romans!

    13. Great read! I do feel sorry for poor old Ballista and hope he has a happy retirement, but somehow I suspect that the ambiguous ending opens up room for further sequels

    14. Slow start in this one as the POV shifts from one protagonist to the other but gets underway nicely by the middle of the book. Can't wait for the next installment (I hope).

    15. One of the best on the series so far. I was looking forwards to Dernhelm returning home and wasn't disappointed.

    16. good read couldnt really tell if he is going to continue the series or not hopefully he does. left alot of unanswered questions that could be continued

    17. Es el mejor libro de la serie, es el más dinámico al moverse en varios escenarios y el que tiene una trama más interesante. Muy recomendable

    18. Somehow skipped to last in series having missed middle four! Great hero and fascinating about the Angles and other ancient peoples at the end of the Roman era.

    19. I was hoping for a bit more action this time out. I kind of got it. This time though, we’re fighting a desperate rear-guard action while the pagan hordes are rampaging through Harry Sidebottom’s Roman history books for the year 264. Northern section. The northern pagans are clearly made of sterner stuff than their soft southern counterparts and there’s a lot less musing on phrenology, ancient Greek philosophy (probably) and writing of “Sir, sir! Please sir, tell him!” notes back to The [...]

    20. I just love Ballista, although he lives in a terrible time for Rome. 6th book of the series, long journey up to Scandinavia, where he meets again his family. Well paced, based on accurate historical research, interesting characters accompany our general. Battle are always described vividly. This book is up to the previous of the series. I was very happy to read that a new chapter is coming

    21. I gave three stars because there was some good action although it was few and far between. Spent a lot of time trying to sort out the characters. 16 pages of character descriptions in the back of the book. Honestly it was kind of boring and I really don't know why I read it to the end.

    22. Yeah, more of same.Promised myself I would read series' like this sequentially. But this lot is just getting on my nerves. I need a break from these.Maximus gets the best lines, with Ballistsa getting more and more cardboard by the page.On to something else, I think.

    23. Plot: 7 (full of incident and often emotional investment)Characters: 9 (clear motivations and strongly differentiated)Accuracy: 10? (little known area but incidental details are accurate)For the first time we get a Warrior of Rome novel with a standalone story that genuinely works. Unlike the previous two unfocused books, Ballista is given an actual reason to care here. He's returning home and dealing with the longings and demons that he left behind. This means we get to see a lot of the North a [...]

    24. Recently I've read several fantasy series set in Rome but I must say Warrior of Rome remains my favourite. Partially because it doesn't take place in few "cool" periods such as fall of republic or reign of early emperors but rather in less covered crisis of third century. And partially because main protagonist is an outsider, a "barbarian" serving Rome.This book takes off where "Wolves of the North" ended. Ballista and his familia are stuck on the fringes of Empire, waiting for orders from Rome [...]

    25. This is the 6th and last in Harry Sidebottom's series about Ballista. Sadly it must be the most disappointing. As usual the character names are lengthy and almost unpronounceable as are the place names and tribal names. I understand Harry's academic dilemma to ensure there is as much truth or near truth or plausible truth in the exploits of this engaging character and his ever extended family. But Harry should not let the truth (or his version of the truth) get in the way of an otherwise excelle [...]

    26. Couldn't get into this book at all. It did get better towards the end but that wasn't enough to save it.A shame really as I usually like the Ballista stories,

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