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Virals Librarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition of ISBN Adventure is in Tory Brennan s blood After all she s the grandniece of world famous forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan

  • Title: Virals
  • Author: Kathy Reichs Brendan Reichs
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback
  • Librarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition of ISBN 10 1595144269Adventure is in Tory Brennan s blood After all, she s the grandniece of world famous forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan Always up for a challenge, Tory and her science geek friends spend their time exploring the marshlands of Loggerhead Island, home to the very off limits Loggerhead IslandLibrarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition of ISBN 10 1595144269Adventure is in Tory Brennan s blood After all, she s the grandniece of world famous forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan Always up for a challenge, Tory and her science geek friends spend their time exploring the marshlands of Loggerhead Island, home to the very off limits Loggerhead Island Research Institute, where something strange is going on After rescuing a stray wolfdog pup from a top secret lab, Tory and her friends are exposed to a rare strain of canine parvovirus, changing them and their DNA forever Now they are than friends They are a pack They are Virals And they re dangerous to the core But are they unstoppable enough to catch a cold blooded murderer

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        Kathy Reichs is a forensic anthropologist for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, State of North Carolina, and for the Laboratoire des Sciences Judiciaires et de M decine L gale for the province of Quebec She is one of only fifty forensic anthropologists certified by the American Board of Forensic Anthropology and is on the Board of Directors of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences A professor of anthropology at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Dr Reichs is a native of Chicago, where she received her Ph.D at Northwestern She now divides her time between Charlotte and Montreal and is a frequent expert witness in criminal trials.Awards Arthur Ellis Award Best First Novel 1998 Deja Dead


    1. The Good:1. The main character, Tory Brennan, is the sort of a smart, self-confident heroine that YA sometimes lacks.2. The rest of the cast are entertaining and developed. The whole group is a bit like Big Bang Theory meets Veronica Mars. Intelligent, techy, unabashedly nerdy, and willing to use all those skills for a little breaking and entering.3. The story is solidly set in a vivid and well-described location. The author never loses her sense of place and time.4. It's (view spoiler)[sort of [...]

    2. Ten Reasons Why This Book Is Better Than Maximum Ride-Hunger Games-Gone-Everythingelse1. It blends science, superpowers, and mystery. Crossover genre books are the bomb.2. These kids whoop ass. Literally. When they SNAP, all heck breaks loose.3. The characters are very well done. Maybe a little iffy with the side characters, but it's easy to sympathize with Tory and the Pack. 4. Virals is very informative in the science area without turning into a Bill Nye episode. 5. THE MYSTERY!! Loved it and [...]

    3. Kathy Reichs is the author of the Temperance Brennan series. She is a forensic anthropologist, so both the books and the TV series Bones are loosely based on her life. Knowing all this, I expected something different from her YA novel, and that’s exactly what I got.I loved this book! Tory Brennan is 14 years old, living on a very small island near Charleston with her newly discovered father, a marine biologist. With her three friends, she somehow saves a wolf-dog from an institute, but they al [...]

    4. I want to give KR the benefit of the doubt here, and assume she was pressured into writing this book. Something along the lines of . . .PUBLISHER: Kathy we just love your books! The refreshing way you intersperse real-life issues pertaining to forensic anthropology into compelling stories!KR: Thanks, I do my best.PUBLISHER: We think it's really important to reach out to younger readers and would really like you to consider writing something for them: Such as . . .PUBLISHER: Well, the same amazin [...]

    5. This was entirely awful - badly written, misogynist, poorly plotted and characterised, borderline racist YA that entirely fails to suspend belief. The writing was technically bad, with nothing but choppy sentence fragments and rhetorical questions (which are immediately given redundant answers, every time). Tween readers are constantly condescended to. The four main characters behave in ways that make no sense, or are completely unrealistic - breaking effortlessly into high security labs, for ex [...]

    6. I'm a sucker for good writing, and in my opinion, the writing in this book is excellent. Varied and vivid verb choices, great word-painting, and a unique narrative voice appropriate for the fourteen-year-old narrator. I am floored.Action-junkies may not love this book as much as I did because it was definitely a slow burn. At its heart, it was a murder mystery, and plenty of groundwork was laid. I actually enjoyed all the groundwork because the narrative voice always kept it fun and light. Even [...]

    7. Oh dear! I think she's made too much money and her editor couldn't face being honest about the whole thing. This is clearly Kathy Reichs attempt to enter the teenager/ young adult market with a combination of mystery thriller /DNA science/ high school cotillion/ with supernatural powers thrown in for good measureWell I suppose it was an original combination. What really made me hate it, was the fact that she set it in the same 'world' as that of Temperance Brennan and the teenage heroine Tory is [...]

    8. I found it in the library and I was immediately intrigued. It literally screamed at me ‚‚Borrow me!‘‘I brought it home because it would look bad if I hadn't borrow something.: New sexy librarian is in the library, so let him have educated customers!Dad read Reichs novels with great gusto, so I plunged headfirst into one of them and didn't expect that! I have feeling that Virals chased away a taste of bullshits I've read before.The story takes place in a small, almost deserted island, whi [...]

    9. My first thought when finishing this book was along the lines of "Wow, so much better than I expected!".Tory is the niece of my beloved Tempe (from Bones) and she's a little mini-version of her. So smart, and so young that it blows your mind. Tory and her crew of friends are all smart in their own areas, and I loved following the adventures of this nerd herd! They live on a remote island, so they really have to come up with their own fun. Tory is obsessed with a pack of wolf-dogs on a remote isl [...]

    10. More reviews at Mrs. ReaderPantsG SPOILERS HERE, BUT YOU AREN'T MISSING ANYTHING ANYWAYREVIEW: Oh, this book. What a mess. Right away, I noticed choppy writing, info-dumping, numerous interruptions in dialogue, and teen characters who do not act anything like teens. I can appreciate that these teens are smart, but seriously? They guessed a high-security door code on the first try? They found a hidden key to a restricted area in the first place they looked? Granted, the code and the hiding place [...]

    11. 3.5 StarsSome of you may know the author Kathy Reichs because of her adult crime novels featuring Temperance Brennon, or through the TV show, BONES. This is the author's first venture into the YA forum and I must say I am pretty impressed. 'VIRALS' is a mixutre of mystery, intrigue and, surprisingly, elements of the supernatural, but as I love the supernatural this was a welcome surprise and definitely added to my enjoyment of the book.The writing flows very well and Ms Reichs' incredibly vast w [...]

    12. I'm a big fan of Kathy Reichs' Temperance Brennan series as well as Bones, the TV series it's vaguely based on. When I heard about Virals, I knew I had to read it. While it's very different from her other work, Virals is very similar in both the scientific atmosphere and deep character development.Tory Brennan is Temperance's grand-niece. For those familiar with the books, Tory is the granddaughter of Harry, Tempe's sister. Tory mentions Tempe a lot even though she only learned they were related [...]

    13. I originally started to read this book after completing the Temperance Brennan Series. They had set a high bench mark with complex just-believable if you squint plots, strong characters and quality writing, supported by Reichs' knowledge of forensic Anthropology.I'd liked the series so I thought, hey, why not give virals a go?I have more heckles than I could possibly cram into a review, so here are my main points,A few pages in I was already sceptical. Being a 14 year old girl, the same age as t [...]

    14. Since the start of grade 11, I haven't been able to read any books of my choice. This book just begged to be read when I got it from the library. The plot sounded intense and it was by a well-known author.I loved all of the characters within the book. It was very relatable as I, myself, was a fan of science and mystery. None of the crap werewolf lovey-dovey story emerged within the story and I am truly grateful for it.This book was heart pounding, action packed and provided me a fix for my love [...]

    15. I want to like this author. I really do. And this piece of fiction is young adult. I couldn't get past Reich's attempt to legitimize the protagonist by linking her to Temperance Brennan as a relative. Like that somehow will make the story-line stronger? Then to top it off, one of the main characters is named, Hi. Really? That was the best you could come up with?Supposedly Reich's writing gets better after her first book. But of the two I've attempted, when there are SO many good books out there [...]

    16. gurl/wp-content/uploadYES!!! Sci-fi done perfectly :) JUST FANTASTIC!!!At school, our teachers put us into book clubs and this was one of the set books - sadly, our group didn't get to read it (then again, maybe that's a good thing - there's NO WAY we'd be able to drag this book out over 10 weeks!), but a friend of mine did and LOVED it, so I grabbed it at the library and amazingness followedw-here-this.timeout/wp-cThe start was kind of slow and it takes a moment to get into, but about halfway t [...]

    17. 4.5 stars! I only have minor issues with this book. So, I kind of felt like Tory was a little bossy. Way bossy. Her friends are pretty freakin' awesome to put up with her bossiness. I mean, if I had friends like Hiram, Shelton and and Ben, I'd be kissing their feet 24/7. They are so willing, helpful and loyal. Super shoutout to them.Also, she was kind of, well, mean to Jason. Are you kidding me? If I had a guy after me like that, I'd totally like him. He's so sweet! :D Absolutely love Jason. And [...]

    18. I usually don't go for the mystery novels solved by teens as they are really cheesey. Not that this book wasn't cheesey, I actually got so into this that I read it in just two hours!! Yay! I loved it, especially the ending.

    19. Rating : 4.25 starsI loved it, I loved it, I loved it, I loved it, I loved it !I can't believe I did.So I know Bones. I was never a huge fan, but I enjoyed pretty much every episode I've seen.But I've never read the books and I was not really tempted.And then I found this one, and I said "huh, yeah why not ?". Okay, it was not a very exciting way to begin with but i'm glad I took the book.BecauseI loved it, I loved it, I loved it, I loved it, I loved it !It wasn't believable. I wonder why maybe [...]

    20. I adored this book. I was looking at good YA reads on BN and I found Virals. I begged my mother to buy for me on my kindle. A week later I had it. I was so excited to read it. I read every review I could find before buying it. I fell in love the minute I hit the button on my kindle and was introduced to the wonderful life of Tory Breenan. Tory is a young fourteen year-old girl who is very smart and tough. I really connected to Tory the way she was a tomboy and hated being dressed up. Because I d [...]

    21. This is the first book I've read written by Kathy Reichs. The summary drew me in with the paranormal twist and since the main character was related to Temperance Brennan, I thought this would be a good introduction to the author's works. The writing style did not really engage me at first but the story line seemed promising. The story follows 14 year old Tory Brennan and her friends as they are exposed to a virus and are put in great danger when they uncover a murder case. First of all, I though [...]

    22. As a late-to-the-party fan of the TV series, "Bones," I thought I'd give Kathy Reichs's books a try. Unfortunately, her first foray into YA has not made a good first impression on me. As regards YA lit, I have some pet peeves, and Reichs seems to have touched every nerve. I hate it when authors think kids are stupid or that they don't deserve thoughtfully-drawn plots and carefully-crafted prose. Reichs, who probably has more money than God, with several bestsellers and a hit TV series under her [...]

    23. Woah. That was freaking crazy.Vitals started out semi slow, and I was starting to question whether I'll be able to finish it, but those last 60 pages were out of control. I've NEVER read a book about mangled DNA and all that sciencey stuff so at first I wasn't sure if I should read it or not, but because of my friend's reviews I gave it a go. NO REGRETS!!There was a full on mystery theme that kept me hooked the entire book and the cliffies drove me insane. And coop was adorable so you know ;) I [...]

    24. This was a very, very good read! The mc, Tory, has a lot of different things going on: a murder to solve, new abilities to learn how to deal with(like a super-duper new sense of smell, hearing, and sight), and having to wear pink to her first debutante experience. For those who like romance, there's a bit of crushing going on(which doesn't go where you would expect), but I think the next book will lead into something more between Tory and Ben, one of the other Virals. At least I hope! The banter [...]

    25. 2018 TBR Challenge: Book #13 ★★★Trigger warnings for bullying, death/loss, violence, and animal cruelty. Virals encompassed so much of what I enjoyed in books age twelve. What more could Nancy Drew-obsessed, detective wannabe me want than a motley crew of nerdy teens using forensics to solve a cold case, complete with a dog sidekick? (That’s rhetorical because this was my shit in year six.) While my tastes have definitely changed over the years, the entertaining factor of this series has [...]

    26. This story turned out to be much deeper than I expected it to. Great murder mystery. Lots of highly improbable scenarios outside the mystery, but then that's why it's called fiction. I enjoyed the audio version of this story. The youthfulness of the narrator added an authentic element. As with all of Kathy Reich's stories, the reader is treated to a history lesson of some sort and they never cease to entertain and educate. A fun Antebellum adventure.

    27. This is well written, and I really like the lead character. She's believable. Plus, the idea of giving the "good guys" super powers makes for interesting scenes. Wish I had flares!

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