Norwegian by Night

Norwegian by Night

Derek B. Miller / Nov 29, 2020

Norwegian by Night He will not admit it to Rhea and Lars never of course not but Sheldon can t help but wonder what it is he s doing hereEighty two years old and recently widowed Sheldon Horowitz has grudgingly moved

  • Title: Norwegian by Night
  • Author: Derek B. Miller
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He will not admit it to Rhea and Lars never, of course not but Sheldon can t help but wonder what it is he s doing hereEighty two years old, and recently widowed, Sheldon Horowitz has grudgingly moved to Oslo, with his grand daughter and her Norwegian husband An ex Marine, he talks often to the ghosts of his past the friends he lost in the Pacific and the son whoHe will not admit it to Rhea and Lars never, of course not but Sheldon can t help but wonder what it is he s doing hereEighty two years old, and recently widowed, Sheldon Horowitz has grudgingly moved to Oslo, with his grand daughter and her Norwegian husband An ex Marine, he talks often to the ghosts of his past the friends he lost in the Pacific and the son who followed him into the US Army, and to his death in Vietnam.When Sheldon witnesses the murder of a woman in his apartment complex, he rescues her six year old son and decides to run Pursued by both the Balkan gang responsible for the murder, and the Norwegian police, he has to rely on training from over half a century before to try and keep the boy safe Against a strange and foreign landscape, this unlikely couple, who can t speak the same language, start to form a bond that may just save them both.An extraordinary debut, featuring a memorable hero, Norwegian by Night is the last adventure of a man still trying to come to terms with the tragedies of his life Compelling and sophisticated, it is both a chase through the woods thriller and an emotionally haunting novel about ageing and regret.

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    1. I must admit to having a slight crisis of confidence in writing this review, questioning whether I could do justice to just how marvellous this book is. From the first few pages, I was totally immersed in the life of Sheldon Horowitz, our curmudgeonly hero of the piece: a man haunted by the ghosts of his former life and coping with the daily frustrations of growing old. From the synopsis, it is impossible to harness all the themes and subtlety of prose that this book conveys to the reader. On on [...]

    2. If it wasn't for a few of my Goodread friends, this book probably would not have come to my notice. I would have missed a book that was wonderful, had all the elements that that I look for in something I read.Sheldon, a Jewish man who served in the Korean War, moves to Norway with his grand-daughter and her husband. There he finds himself as a defender to a young boy whose mother has been killed. Sheldon is a wonderfully complicated character, said to be suffering from dementia, he is sharper th [...]

    3. I am a bit late to the party on this book but I am so glad I finally read it!Funnily enough, although the story contains a murder and a police case it still does not feel like a mystery or a thriller. To me the overall feeling was rather like The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared. The main theme in both cases being that of an elderly man who breaks out of the position society expects him to hold and goes on one last adventure. Due to his life experiences and an a [...]

    4. Let’s start with the good stuff: Derek B. Miller’s novel is refreshingly original. What other book can YOU name that takes an octogenarian widowed American Jew who mourns a son “who named his daughter for a Greek Titan before being killed by a Vietnamese mine in an effort to please his Marine father who was once a sniper in Korea.”Just – wow! Add to the fact that the American Jew – Sheldon Horowitz – may be suffering from dementia and also harbors a great deal of guilt for the deat [...]

    5. Edit: I read this in 2014 but just now, 2016, decided to change it to 5. Didn't mean for it to go out into the update feed.------What a great book! The first chapter is one of the best I have read in years. The book is philosophical, intelligent, heartbreaking. The lead character, 82 year old Sheldon Horowitz, is all that too, plus so wise and virtuous. All while maintaining a sense of humor to balance the bad things that have happened in his long life, mainly that everyone around him dies: his [...]

    6. This is not a Scandinavian crime novel. I feel like I need to say so because that is what I thought it was, and I think the publisher likes for you to think that way. Because WE ALL LOVE SCANDINAVIAN CRIME NOVELS, the numbers prove it.This is an American author with an American protagonist who happens to live in Norway. I really disliked the narrator of this novel. He is an 82-year-old veteran and he is a bit addled in the brain. It is unclear if he did some of the things he said he did in the w [...]

    7. First Line: It is summer and luminous.When you're in your eighties and a widower, the last thing you want to do is to move from your home in New York City to a new place with your granddaughter and her Norwegian husband in Oslo, Norway. But as Sheldon Horowitz knows, sometimes the last thing you want to do is the only thing you can do. He's lonely and wants to be with his granddaughter. His granddaughter has seen signs of dementia in her beloved grandfather and wants to keep him close to her. Wh [...]

    8. I started to read this book while staying with my mother, who has Alzheimer's dementia. My sister recommended it, and lent me her copy,and there was a kind of relevant link in that the main character, Sheldon Horowitz, may also have dementia. He's an old man, and he's the hero.When I began reading, I got confused. I don't know whether this was something to do with staying with my mother, whose illness always seems infectious. I'm much more easily confused with her, and by her, than elsewhere. Bu [...]

    9. I don't usually read thrillers, which is what this is. Will an eighty-two-year-old man be able to save a young Albanian child whose mother has been murdered? The setting is Oslo, Norway, around 2010. The story drags at points, building to a crescendo at the end. As thrillers tend to do. The elderly man is Sheldon Horowitz. Now what does his name tell you? That is right, he is Jewish, except he questions God. He is from New York, his wife has died and he is at a loss of what to do with himself. L [...]

    10. I am generally stingy with five stars and I am having a hard time justifying the fifth star for what appears to be a suspense or thriller novel. That's what the jacket flap makes it sound like but Norwegian by Night is somehow so much more that it defies my ability to pin down that much more in a short review. I was snared by the title. Loved the picture on the front of the silhouette of the boy in a viking helmet. It's a debut novel, written by an American (so in English) who lives in Norway. J [...]

    11. Norwegian By Night is the first novel by American-born author, Derek B. Miller. When 82-year-old American widower, Sheldon Horowitz goes to live with his granddaughter, Rhea and her Norwegian husband, Lars, in Olso, the last thing he expects is to find himself on the run from the police with a small boy in tow. But the ex-Marine, suffering dementia, according to Rhea, has witnessed the murder of the boy’s mother and feels compelled to keep the boy safe. He heads for the hills, unaware that eve [...]

    12. I wanted to like this book. In fact, I was all prepared to love it. The premise was intriguing, the writing decent. However, two things ruined my ability to even get all the way through it. First, it is told at times in the voice of an elderly man believed to be suffering from a touch of dementia a'la old age. Fine, I get that. He's in his 80's so, could be. But, his telling can in no way be trusted. Again, that's not necessarily a bad thing -- unreliable narrators I can do. Not, though, when th [...]

    13. Sheldon's answer to a question about lifeIn this life, my body has become a withered twig, where once I stood tall In this life, I hobble as an old man, when once I could fly over doubts and contradictions. In this life, my memories are the smoke I choke on, burning my eyes. In this life, I remember hungers that will never return, when once I was a lover with the bluest eyes This life! This life is coming to an end without any explanation or apology This life was an abrupt and tragic dream that [...]

    14. “É um dia de Verão resplandecente. Sheldon Horowitz está sentado numa cadeira de realizador, num recanto sombrio do parque Frogner, em Oslo, numa posição sobranceira ao piquenique e longe da comida. Tem uma sanduíche de karbonade no prato de papel pousado no colo, meio comida porque não lhe agrada.” – assim começa “Um Estranho Lugar para Morrer”, primeiro livro do norte-americano Derek B. Miller.Parque Frogner - OsloSheldon Horowtiz é um judeu americano, com oitenta e dois ano [...]

    15. What a wondrous book this is! I came to Miller via the possibly even better The Girl in Green and wasn't really drawn to the blurb plotline of this one. But I'm glad that I trusted both the friend who recommended it (hi, Sue!) and Miller himself - plus I wanted to read the latest book (American by Day) but realising that it features a character from Norwegian By Night thought I'd better go back before moving forward all of which is to say that even if the blurb doesn't grab you, *read this book! [...]

    16. Derek B. Miller has written an intelligent thriller that takes the reader to Oslo, New York City and the jungles of Vietnam. His fascinating and well-written character "Sheldon Horowitz" was one of the 30,000 Jewish veterans that served in the Vietnam war and he is haunted with secrets. His own wife of many years, who dies in the beginning of the book, did not believe that her husband was a sniper. She tells him he is going senile in old age and that he was a only a clerk. Sheldon proves to be s [...]

    17. This is a gem of a book, which I have been waiting to read for sometime. That delay has been my loss; this is an excellent literary thriller, worthy of the hype. This is crime fiction at its best and a first rate novel.With a memorable main character, Sheldon Horowitz, an 82 year old widower and a plot that is tense but never gets in the way of the story, here is a book you long to read and seldom find.Beautifully written, character driven and relationship centred the story speaks with universal [...]

    18. Ok, it's my failing, no doubt, that I didn't get more out of this book. So many people have loved it that you can take my two star rating with a grain of salt. I just didn't get it, from the title - what did that mean? - to the motivations of the central characters to the genre. Yes, even the genre - was it a thriller or a story about a man looking back on his life or a black comedy or had elements of all of those things but it didn't really deliver on any of them.The hero is Sheldon Horowitz, a [...]

    19. Review to come. I do want to get one thing across though: You should add this to your TBR shelf stat. A thriller so literary it'll leave lit fic lovers with not only zero guilt but the rewarding feeling of reading time well spent.

    20. I reread this to refamiliarise myself with Sigrid before I read American By Day. I enjoyed it even more second time around, and I'm sure I noticed things I didn't catch the first time. Norwegian By Night is the first novel by American-born author, Derek B. Miller. When 82-year-old American widower, Sheldon Horowitz goes to live with his granddaughter, Rhea and her Norwegian husband, Lars, in Olso, the last thing he expects is to find himself on the run from the police with a small boy in tow. Bu [...]

    21. I wasn’t sold on this book until the last paragraph.It was the same with Cloud Atlas. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Cloud Atlas while I was reading it, and I enjoyed Norwegian by Night while I was reading it, but the very last words of the book wildly changed my perspective.This book is a ponderer- its interesting that so many of the problems discussed by the police chief are things that I struggle with myself (for instance, I want to be optimistic, even forgiving, but also practical in the wa [...]

    22. I really wanted to like Norwegian by Night. The descriptions I heard of it made me want to find a book that I could pass on to others and say it's funny, suspenseful, and the characters were great. But, it wasn't any of those things really. The problem is that I never connected with any of the characters. So it was none of those. First, there is a crime in the story, and it drives the action, but the real background story is how the main character tries to cope with the loss of his son which he [...]

    23. I would have given this book 3.5 stars if I could. It was a good read but a few things stopped it from being a great read for me. It was quite engaging and the pace was quick and towards the end it was almost "unputdownable" but I felt that the story line and the characters could have done with a bit more filling in. I also would have liked a bit more resolution at the end. I think too, the editing wasn't great as there were a few errors that annoyed me. Overall though an enjoyable read and one [...]

    24. I am really not sure what I think of this book. It is so dark which is an odd comment to make on a mystery but I actually felt depressed after finishing it. I wonder if it's the lack of sunlight that makes the Scandinavians write such gloomy stories but they have cornered the market on that.The story centers around an 82 year old New York Jew who is moved to Norway to live with his granddaughter and her husband. Sheldon Horowitz is very much a fish out of water. He doesn't speak the language, ha [...]

    25. I ordered Miller's "Norwegian by Night", while I was still reading his latest book, "The Girl in Green", because I was loving his writing so so much. I'm glad I did because I thoroughly enjoyed "Norwegian by Night" and remain in awe of Mr. Miller's talent for spinning a story that is by turns funny, heartbreaking, timely, and suspenseful. This (as well as "The Girl in Green") would make a terrific movie.American, octogenarian, ex-Marine, Jewish, possibly demented, Shelton Horowitz, is on the run [...]

    26. Wow just: wow. I loved this book. The tone, the characters, the humor, and the dialogue are all spot on. There's so much here, on so many levels and subjects. Norwegian by Night has things to say about aging, culture, sanity, politics, family, influence, war, memory -- and yet it manages to stay away from preachyness or telling you what to think. Best novel I've read in a while.

    27. With the death of his beloved wife Mabel, eighty-two year old Sheldon Horowitz was persuaded by his grand-daughter Rhea to join her husband Lars and Rhea in Norway. Sheldon had lived in New York for a long time, but with the passing of Mabel and the possibility of having dementia, he grudging made the journey. As a former Marine sniper in the Korean war, the fact that his only son Saul was killed on a second tour of duty in Vietnam did something terrible to Sheldon. He blamed himself for Saul’ [...]

    28. Most reviews I had read before starting this book were kind of negative. I thought this was because the book was often described as a "literary thriller" and that it probably didn't have enough crime/thriller elements for many people. As I really enjoy literary thrillers I decided to give it a chance. There also seemed to be similar structures The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared which I enjoyed very much. Now I have to admit that my assumptions were wrong.Norwe [...]

    29. 5 stars. What a great debut by Derek B. Miller! I love this book, it’s definitely one of my favourites of 2017. Thanks to the fiction fanatics member who recommended it so highly (sorry can't remember who).Sheldon Horowitz is an 82yo Jewish American whose granddaughter Rhea has married a Norwegian guy Lars. Sheldon’s wife Mabel passed away recently and Rhea suggests he go live with them in Oslo, which he does. Rhea thinks he’s showing early signs of dementia but this is debatable. There ar [...]

    30. Well, ok, 2/3 on the grading scale. I did like several aspects of it, such as the brief insight it gave into the background of the war in Serbia/Kosovo, seen from a ground level but the overall premise of the book about (sorry, spoiler alert!)the father wanting to regain custody of his son by rape, did not make sense, or ring true. I mean, what was his MOTIVE? Maybe I missed a sentence or two that explained it as I was reading this before bed and was awakened by it falling on my face more than o [...]

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